JoyFunScripter 0.13.1 - Make your own scripts!

Hi I am new to this but does anyone know how to export a cut clip along with a cut version of the script that syncs correctly??? I am using the latest version of JoyFunScripter and ffmpeg

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I downloaded joyfunscripter and extracted it. The icon is on my desktop (PC). However, when I click on it nothing happens. Is there a special way to open it? Sorry if this is a silly question…

Do you fulfill the system requirements listed in the original post?

Windows operating system
.NET Framework 4.6.2
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3
LAV or K-Lite Video codecs

Could we get hotkeys to switch between scripting modes like default alternating dynamic on the fly. that would speed up my scripting quite a bit!


I accidentally erased a huge section of a script when I was just trying to delete one single point is there a way to get that back? @raser1

Just wondering for next I seem to have a habit of forgetting to unselect point after moving them

It would be a good feature if you could select a load of points and set them at a certain position like 80 or 60 etc

I am getting this too, it’s very annoying

I cant get a single video to load in this app… whats going on? It says Could not render any streams from the source.

is there any way to load .mp3 or .wav files other than converting them into a video format?

Hope i don´t blame me but how to undo a action?

JoyFunScripter opens but I don’t see a window anymore. Any ideas?

Hello everyone.
I have a little problem, can anyone help me?
I decided to take the plunge and start creating my first scripts.
To get started easily I use JFS.
Small problem, I don’t know by what manipulation I made the green cursor which represents the movement of the Handy go away.
I wanted to reduce its size, it slipped into the screen and it was impossible to find it.
But without it it’s difficult to script, because by superimposing it on the image we know the position of the handy when it plays.
How can I get the green cursor back??
Thanks in advance to those who take the time to respond to me.
Good day.

I don’t use JFS anymore, but if you haven’t made a lot of changes to the JFS configuration you can probably just delete the application settings. This will restore JFS to its default settings. Someone might have a more precise solution, but this should work.

Read more on how here: Troubleshooting JoyFunScripter (JFS)

Hey there’s a button to reset it here:

thanks “raser1”
I found my cursor, your indication is good
big thanks

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as a noob i downloaded this and made one script worked well… i closed the programme but now if i wanna reopen it its like the program has frozen trying to load my old video or something…?
i installed the lava filters also

never mind above message… i read a few other peoples problems and discovered myself how to get it back reading sentinel’s message to use alt the space bar… and restored the window back.