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Troubleshooting JoyFunScripter (JFS)

If JFS disappear from screen and won’t come back

It happens that JFS disappears outside the visible screen. The least intrusive alternative to get it back is to move the window using keyboard shortcuts:

  • Select JFS using the icon in the Windows task bar.
  • Hold down the Alt -key and press Space .
  • Press the shortcut key for move window. This shortcut is different depending on your language in Windows so check which shortcut it is in another window that is visible.
  • Use arrow keys to move the window until it appears on your screen.

An alternative is to delete the JFS settings and restart JFS. Note that this will reset all JFS settings, not just the Window position.

  • Close JFS.
  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Type %appdata% and press Enter in the address/path text box. Explorer will take you to > your_user_name > AppData > Roaming (it is actually C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming , which you will see if you click in the address/path text box).
  • Scroll down to the folder Raser1 and delete it.
  • Start JFS and it should be restored with default settings.

Other common JFS issues

Q: JFS playback speed doesn’t change. If I move the slider, the playback speed of the video doesn’t change.
A: You’ve probably enabled the ‘live testing mode’ by accident. It’s the Rocket icon on the bottom left. You can press L to disable it.

Q: No picture or errors when launching JFS
A: Make sure that pre-requisites have been installed. Instructions are available on the JFS download thread (see link in the beginning of this guide).

Originally split out from @sentinel’s How to get started with scripting guide