Just want to say thank you to all

I’ve tried making my own scripts but I have a hard time so I wanted to say thanks to everyone on here for their work and everything on here


Hey bud. Glad that you got into scripting and definitely keep at it. Not sure if you’ve seen @Husky’s tutorial

How to script in OpenFunScripter - video tutorial - #9 by brndan

but it’s extremely helpful. I even picked up a few tips after scripting for a while.

But honestly in the beginning treat it as a hobby, choose videos you like and most importantly if you enjoy the script that’s all that really matters.

Look forward to seeing the work you produce.

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I’ve only been at it for a matter of months now, a good beginner tip I can give you is keep it short. Stick to me scenes that are 5 to 6 minutes long, trying to do 10-15 minutes scenes will really burn you out.