Keep Script Requests Alive Forever

Make Script Requests topics stay open forever instead of being automatically closed after a period of time.

Can stop bot’s automatic bumping after that period, but don’t close it. Give people a chance to pick up the old gems.

(To accomodate this change, the vote limit may need to be expanded as well)


100% on board with this. I have only made two requests, but I definitely didn’t lose interest in the first one before it closed.


Same here as I made a request that was fulfilled eventually but had to edit the request to say it was done rather than have it show up as fulfilled.

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Wholeheartedly agree with this one

This just makes sense. Script requests are timeless, and it’s frustrating to watch the clock run out on them without regard to how much interest there may or may not be in them. It’s also frustrating when the request is now closed, but it was fulfilled in the comments and now you can’t comment on it. Sometimes I would just like to say thanks, but other times I have questions like if there’s missing information that you need in order to, for instance, match the video.


Would be good for game mod requests if those were not locked as well, since it would have active development from modders and scripters.

To be honest, I don’t know why script requests are time locked. Why does it have a time limit when at any point of time, someone can chance upon it and fulfill the request if it wasn’t fulfill?
Not to mention if it is closed because of a time limit and it wasn’t completed, it would invite new script request topics just to extend the old closed topic.


Looks like this discussion where the system came from. I imagine the community is more close-knit back then where the system could work to incentivize scripting. Though I didn’t read anything about the time limit in it.

True what if someone saw a script request and thought i’ll come back to that. Only to find out when they get back to see it’s too late and that it’s gone because it expired.

When I had made that thread I was having the thought that the bumping you could do would keep it alive and not have it close, though I also didn’t know at that time the requests can’t be filled after being locked…which is the problem I feel is what exists now.

Though I was also more focused on having the requests require more and be voted on to show others how much people agreed with this and that request.