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Kiiroo Keon, how do I begin?

So you got yourself a Keon, ow nice how do i use it. You play scripts from PH and get bored with them and you want more. You look up the net no straight anwser how to set it up for 2D films with beautiful scripts.

!!! This not perfect tutorial it is a Hint for users that are stuck with Kiiroo Keon and dont know where to find more pleasure!!!

So you wanna play with all this fancy stuff how to do it:

  1. Download Buttplug as Intiface-Desktop plus Scriptplayer and this FFmpeg. Links below.
    /// Grab some snacks as Intiface-Destop downloads slow as fuck ;). or grab Internet Download Manager to boost download for this also it comes handy to faster download videos//
  2. Once everything is downloaded install Intiface and Scriptplayer.
  3. Set up this FFmpeg in setting of Intiface (you can find somewhere).
  4. Go to Intiface and start the server.
  5. Connect thru regular Windows bluetooth the Kiiroo Keon
  6. Open Scriptplayer and go to Devices > Buttplug/Intiface > Connect
  7. Again Scriptplayer and go to Devices > Buttplug/Intiface > Scan For Devices
  8. If you see Keon connected then load cuddling hamsters video with .funscript or etc.
  9. Jerk off.
  10. Send 10 bucks to animals shelter. :slight_smile:

Script player: Installation · FredTungsten/ScriptPlayer Wiki · GitHub
ffmpeg just find it :slight_smile:


I think this is for PC… Any instruction on how to set it up on the phone? Nice helpful tips for PC there! Highly appreciate it!

I think this is for PC… Any instruction on how to set it up on the phone? Nice helpful tips for PC there! Highly appreciate it!

The setup above would mostly be the same, except you would need a scriptplayer that runs from the phone, then connects to the Buttplug interface on your local PC (it’s fairly open so this is possible). Converting the entire Buttplug interface to a phone based system would be very complicated and not likely to be done (though it’s open source so anything is possible).

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Thank you so much vashman! Just got my keon today and excited to try things out! Appreciate the guide!

Happy to help, in general this is for PC as i got Surface go 2 and this ultimate set up for PC. I know that VR is more exiting but i still didnt get there. I have also iOS all over and dont know how to set it up for mobile.

My recommendation is to test this set up with this video "Cherry Crush Ball Sucker POV’’ as this video show diffrent movements that you could not exprience on Pornhub. :slight_smile:

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Just tried the Keon today using your guide and it worked perfectly.

That was a great video! Yea the thing with interactive pornhub video, sometimes the movement can be weird or off-timed.

Mobile users can:

Download the video and script to the device in question.
Tap the arrow on the left.
Tap “Buttplug”
Tap “Connect local”
Tap “Start scanning”
Make sure the device is on, select it from the list and tap “pair”
Tap back to the “Syncydink” tab.
Pick the move file(video) and haptics(script) files you want and play the video.

I don’t know if it was updated to support the keon before maintenance support was ended last month, though I suspect so.

Hi all. Who tryed the KEON with ?

Tried that last week, I was facing a problem when connecting to buttplug. Seems that they don’t recognize my keon device…

Does Keon connect through bluetooth? I know for the Launch my PC’s bluetooth adapter wouldn’t recognize it and I had to get a USB one. I made sure to support the Bluetooth LE
This is what bought and after installed the drivers I was able to connect my launch through scriptplayer and buttplug.

yup, connects same way as Launch can:

Gents, Appreciate any help you can give. I had a Launch for years and didn’t have issues syncing it to ScriptPlayer. I just got a Keon, installed the newest ScriptPlayer and installed Intiface as layed out in the instructions above. Thanks by the way. I even added the ffmpeg although I was skeptical I really needed it.
I can get the Keon to sync to the player, but when I try to play a video with a funscript, only the vid plays and not the script. The vids & scripts are the exact same files I used on the Launch. The heat map is showing at the bottom so I assume ScriptPlayer is “seeing” the script vs not having a script loaded. I can load by script also, but I get the same result with just the video playing and no Keon movement, despite being synced. I also double checked to make sure the source was the video in the settings just in case.
I have had ScriptPlayer shut down on its own when I “connect” to Intiface, but it’ll usually work on the second try. Yes I restarted my computer a few times…

Any thoughts on what I’m missing?

I had the same problem but I reset my range and speed in scriptplayer setting back to default and it worked for me.

I tried resetting settings. Still no love. It’s weird since the device makes the initial stutter movement when it sync, but then doesn’t do anything. Even setting the “source” to random or executing a pattern to get it to move result in nothing. It has to be something with the script being sent from ScriptPlayer to the Keon, but I dunno.

Sometimes you need to check it out with other videos check name of video and script if it’s same and try that it might help. For first time I had a problem with that.

I had kind of the same issue I think but in my PC, here its what worked for me in the PC:

  1. Open both buttplug and Script player (Dont turn the keon on yet)
    2)Start the buttblplug server
    3)Go to the Scriplayer and connect to Buttplug
    4)Now you can Turn the keon on, (for me the Buttplug wont connect to the script player if I turn the keon before)
  2. Using the script player search for the device.

Hope it works for you too