Koonsoft Flash - Angel girl X ver2.0 (entire game scripted)

:information_source: Details :

this flash game works with flash toy sync from notSafeForDev

:memo: Install Instructions :

Each animation has an swf and a json file, you will need to download both and place them in the animations-as2/3 folder. The swf file is the actual animation, where as the json file stores all the scripting data.

:file_folder: Script :

:clock12: Other :

many thanks to notSafeForDev for helping me out
and thanks for this great tool
the game is ENTIRELY scripted, if an animation is missing or if there is a problem with an animation report the problem
next project shinobi girl fully scripted



0kb on the ol’ script my friend, idk if its just me

it’s not just you, the script is 0kb in size

wait, I’m having trouble retrieving the save
I’ll solve the problem

reopen the link I put the right save

for some reason the game doesn’t fit the window, it’s the only game in my colleciton that does that
the script also doesn’t work, nothing happens

Reopen the link, I’ve added a new .json data backup Test it if it doesn’t work
add the .sol backup read the instructions in the read me please and tell me if it works.

it works now