Lack of ethnic diversity

Would like to see more ? Anyone else feel the same?


not to sound like a wise guy or something, but perhaps YOU should start? Truth is, no one is only scripting non-diverse videos on purpose. People are just doing what, naturally, gets them off and that is highly subjective, no ulterior motive at all.

I feel that this is a welcoming community. I think earlier today I saw a thread with droids milking a POV droid horse? If that’s not diverse, I dunno what is.



First I want to say thank you.

Thank you for making this post. If you feel this way there is a 100% chance that someone else in this community of almost 7000 (and growing) feels the same as you.

By making this post you have set in motion a chain of events. Others will see that they are not alone(on the internet who’da thunk). Others will feel more comfortable also voicing their opinions or interests. If there is more of a demand for various actors/actresses be it gender, alignment, kink or vanilla then we will see more scripts in those categories. Period. This is one of the reasons we want to grow the community. Variety.

Recently I spoke with someone who was interested in the OSR2+ and they did not even know what scripts were before he found out about the OSR2. One of the main deciding factors for any purchaser would be that there is content that they would be interested in that will work with the device. They wanted to know how much gay content there was so far. I was able to find 3, THREE, videos only. I almost felt bad, like we as a community had neglected an entire portion of the population but it really comes down to demand.

@Jupiter is right. If you see a void, fill it. Pick up scripting. You would be a good number of peoples new best friend if you were to start making the kind content you want to see more of.

You could also try over in the request section. However. there is no guarantee that your script will be picked up.

Scripting itself is seeing a lot of advancements in methods of production but it still takes up a chunk of time.

I hope that for everyone else who feels that there is content that they want to see that they feel comfortable voicing that and maybe it would be cool to take some more polls these types of things. As long as the user base gets involved then people will see more types of content I am sure.


I agree. I personally would love to script more Asian videos.

Here are the reason why I did not yet:
Even though “Japanese” is one of the favorite categories on Pornhub, I feel like there is a lack of good enough videos to script. I prefer amateur videos in pov. Most of them are professional. Which means → videos are shorter, since the studio only uploads shorter preview videos → some of them are censored → they are mostly not pov. I personally don’t like videos, where you see the actor.

There are some amateur videos of Asians. Problem there is, they are often very poorly made and are not on the quality level of the western models. I did not find a single asian model, who does good quality amateur videos, which are preferable in pov. There might be some and I haven’t found them yet. Tbh, the search function on Pornhub is horrendes, when you want to find new models.

If you are interested in any Asian content and you know or find good amateur models (videos with a good enough quality, mostly pov), feel free to message me. It would also be good, if the model shows her face as well and not “just” her body. It’s all about their beautiful faces, what differences them from the “rest”. I’ll look into it, but I can’t promise I’ll do a script of them. I am a bit picky, when it comes to choosing a model / video to script ^^


I try and mix it up (different body types, ages, hair color, ethnicity, etc, POV vs 3rd person, etc.). JAV videos specifically aren’t my thing (can’t get past the censoring). As mentioned before the easiest way to change this is to hop in and script :slight_smile:


i feel the same way…would love to see more black women scenes…i have one posted on script poolers discord page…and its halfway to bieng funded…feel free to go on there and contribute to the scene if the scene interests you


It already starts with the porn industry itself. There isn’t as much mainstream porn with say black women by far, so the selection is more limited and therefore one (maybe especially if from a mostly white environment) might not find as many models/scenes he enjoys and that are suitable for scripting. I’ve got a few in my folder of possibly scriptable scenes but they are in the minority by a long shot and I’m just getting started with scripting during the very limited time I have, so I’ll probably stick to all time favorites for now. Same other ethnicities of course.

One thing I noticed on the other hand is that, for the same reason, the genres of content are a bit limited as well. There is not too much (2d) anal content for example, and that’s even one of the more popular categories for sure. So yeah, I’m gonna make my own slowly but surely. Also, some categories are naturally better suited for scripting than others obviously. Even anal scenes are often less dynamic and there’s less action because of slower, more shallow strokes. I’m sure there’s better examples for tricky categories, but it shows nonetheless.


I did have some plans for some Rae Lil Black and Ana Foxxx content, but as with most things, it might take a long time, since i have alot of videos i want to script :slight_smile:


Side point: Whether you create an account or not, if you don’t erase cookies or browse in Incognito mode, pretty much all porn sites track your history and recommend things based on that so you stick around a little longer. Just like all social media, it becomes an echo chamber of our own likes, and greatly reduces all our exposure to “other” varieties of porn whatever that may mean for each of us.

My point is that most of us don’t branch out much beyond our own kinks and sexual preferences, and sometimes we may understand why we have some certain preferences, but many times it’s just what we like and gets us off. Websites actively prevent you from branching out and seeing other content that you MAYBE would like, but will never or rarely see by design (poor design in my opinion). That’s my two cents. I agree there should be more diversity, but this is a hobby for most of us (or side hustle) and doing stuff we like makes it more enjoyable if not tolerable to script.

I would not like scripting male on male gay porn personally. So if that’s the specific diversity someone feels is missing, I’m not going to be of any help with that specific request simply because I don’t want to script something I’m not a personal fan of. I encourage you to either start scripting what you’d like to see, or start paying for others to script the things you’d like to see.

Thanks for being a part of the community!


I wanted more scripts matching my taste (POV non-VR)

I posted a script request and somebody made and posted a script in 5 days

The system works.

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I don’t get it. If there is something missing here, why not create it yourself? Do you expect us to cater to you?


Excuse me, first of all anyone on here who has a fixed disposition to the question has an impediment. A lot of scripts here end up on sites where they can be purchased so it’s not like who ever is scripting is doing it for free at the beck and call of the requests of others. This is an outlet and sorry your ego got hung up on a question that really had no clear context to begin with


Im not sure what you are saying. There are two sub groups to Scripts, paid and free, you are welcome to “comission” a script from someone. As for free scripts, again you are welcome to post a request, but i wouldnt expect any answer. Most people are going to create scripts for their own personal favorites.


Why to blame paid scripts for a lack of content? I don’t really think there is that much paid scripts regarding your subject.

The question is not what others can do for you to fill the gap, but what you can do for yourself and others.

Honestly you only have 3 options:

  • make a request in the #script-requests
  • do the script yourself
  • contact paid scripter and pay comission to ensure the script for your scene

I think there is just not big demand for more ethnic diverse content. Few weeks ago I made a contest and from all 34 submissions only one was for ebony scene and one for asian scene. I guess that there is not a lot of good enough scenes regarding this topic or there are just better scenes that catch your eye.


Yes and this is a general category good observation

If we cannot stay on topic and are going to deteriorate to pettiness I will simply close the thread. I like the question you posed and no one here has been rude, perhaps a bit curt, but not rude. Everyone is offering an opinion and possible solutions.

I would prefer that conversation continues as long as the conversation stays on topic and people can treat each other with respect.

Just to clarify it is not respectful to tell anyone that they have an impediment based on their point of view. There is a way to communicate that does not lend itself to negativity and is more constructive.

Thank you.


No one attacked you here, friend. I’m sorry you felt challenged or that some of us had a disposition to the question. In fact, re-reading everyone’s reply to you I found everyone was incredibly respectful and even helpful in suggesting ways you could get what you want and why maybe there isn’t already that content around. Seamonkey literally posted the most rude comment and it was their first post ever, and they were mildly rude at best.

Text is always hard to interpret tone, most people don’t have the skills to write tone into their sentences, and it takes time and more words to seem more kind on the internet.

Hope you get what you are looking for my dude! I appreciate the question as well and I think it’s important for the community to keep in mind.


All people who replied here were just trying to help you. There is no need to be disrespectful, because someone doesn’t want to spend HIS free time on your script.

There is like 10 people who are doing scripts professionaly, maybe 30-40 who are doing it for free (I probably rounded it up anyway). On the other side we have 10 000 horny dudes and every simple one of them wants to have a script for their favorite scene. It’s just not gonna work for everyone in the end.

I’m sorry that you didn’t find scripts for the scenes that you like, but this is how it is. If you don’t want to make the script yourself you either have to pay someone to do it or hope that you will be lucky enough that someone will take on your request. That’s life, not everyone is going to be a winner.


In all honesty, “do you expect us to cater to you?” is a rude reply. I agree with everything else, though.

Why do you want more ethnic diversity? Is it personal preference or is there something else behind it?