Let's set a community standard for tolerated content

Past discussion was here:

Long story short, site moderation thinks that they’re legally in the clear for allowing loli/shota posts, and that the burden of proof has not been met to declare them harmful. Since they recognise that visiting a website with such content can be a problem to other people nevertheless, that’s fine. As suggested by defucilis, I would like to then start a discussion on a community rule banning some content as undesired, on a “we don’t want that shit here” basis.

To be clear, my ideal outcome here is to simply ban stuff that’s more often than not questionably legal at best in, uhh, OSCE countries I guess, that should cover majority of users here. Stuff I would simply find unappealing (e.g., scat) I’m not touching here.

I propose to ban posting or requesting the following:

  1. Lolicon/shotacon and age play - when content involves anyone being or clearly looking or behaving like they’re below 18
  2. Animated bestiality - when content involves anyone quite plausibly looking like a real animal (MLP counts, but furry or monsters don’t)
  3. Gore porn - when it is prominent/seems like the point (guro, torture, snuff, necrophilia, etc. count, generic zombie sex doesn’t)

These are not full tag bans - just the extreme end of their content.

  • Ban loli/shota/ageplay
  • Ban bestiality
  • Ban gore porn
  • Different ban rules (pls post)
  • Ban loli/shota, but don’t ban other stuff
  • Don’t ban anything
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Recent examples of would-be banned content:



Gore porn:

As you’ll note, the loli part is basically calling out just like 4 scripters making, arguably, a whole load of people uncomfortable visiting EroScripts. This isn’t about satisfying absolutely everyone or ensuring cosmic fairness, that’s impossible - this is about offering a comfortable experience to as many community members as possible. For what it’s worth, those of you creating this shit and running a Patreon or similar are likely missing out on paying supporters not willing to risk the occasional problem script getting tied to their payment.


Defucilis or any other mods reading, please don’t tag this as loli, so that people who have blacklisted the tag can see this discussion. Also, I think it would be better for visibility for this to be in the general category, but I’m posting it under the site feedback as requested.

Need to add gay content on this as well as trans


And/Or add a better filter in place system where we can have specific tags automatically filtered out in our saved site settings and don’t have to come across it when we are scrolling…unless I’m not aware of an existing site feature that already does this.


I honestly didn’t even know we could blacklist tags until now. There’s definitely some tags that I’m uncomfortable seeing posted here, but as long as I can filter them out that’s the main thing.


Something I really liked about this community as I received my handy and got my first scripts is that most things like Loli, Furry get tolerated here. Like whatever Tag you like, there are people like you who make scripts and upload them for those who do not have the scripting ability or time.

I can see the other site, but I hope that some changes to the eroscripts, like making the preview picture blurry for such content etc., are enough to achieve a comfortable experience for those not wanting to view such content.

I just hope the site doesn’t have to ban any content and can stay open minded/tolerant.


This is very a very vague critique. For example i assume some on my scripts i made fall under this aswell or are those allowed under such criteria?

How do u start to measure what is or isnt allowed in that regard. Don’t get me wrong somethings shouldnt be posted entirely in my personal opinion, however this might be a very difficuly thing to balance and reinforce for a mod team.

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I personally am of the opinion that as long as it isn’t explicitly illegal (like real CP, for one), it shouldn’t be banned. Do not get me wrong, there are some things posted in this site that I agree we would be better off without, but I will cast a “do not ban anything vote” for the following reason:

Things like this could set a dangerous precedent in the site, as then there could be all sorts of petitions/polls calling for the ban of certain content that are “undesired”. Already I see someone calling for gay and trans content to be added into the poll, and I can be reasonably sure that there would be some support for that as well (if the likes on the comment are any indication).

In any case, if one does not want to see certain content, blacklisting tags is already a working solution. I do not see why we would need to go so far as to ban the content.


Are you serious? I say this as a straight white man, who doesn’t watch gay or trans content, but people who enjoy this content have as much of a place in this community as you or I do. I can’t believe the level of homophobia and transphobia that is allowed to slide these days and if you can’t be tolerant and are too lazy to blacklist tags, maybe you don’t deserve a place in a community like this.


“If the things I like get banned, yours should get banned too”

And the spiral starts going downwards

Censorship is never a good idea, you start with this and that and in the end no one is happy

Pretty sure that’s his point, at least I think it is, I hope it is


Sarcasm does not translate well into the Internet space, I’m afraid (if that actually was their goal and not, of course, homophobia/transphobia).

Maybe not laziness but perhaps not knowing how the site functions work for blacklisting content you don’t want to see… I’m allowed to be offended/irritated/uncomfortable by things I feel offended/irritated/uncomfortable by… isn’t that how this all works? If I don’t want to see something, I should have an easy way to eliminate that from my feed and not be subjected by/to it. Things work both ways not unilaterally. And it isn’t homophobia or transphobia for me to dislike it.


I think–think–that they were trying to attack the idea of banning content in general based on people not being “comfortable” with it. That’s how I read it, anyways.

Some difference in that there’s vague legality questions around the stuff we’re talking about here. But probably not as weak a point as others might make it out to be until someone provides a stronger argument for how clearly fictional content is harmful.


I don’t think anyone has an issue with you being offended or uncomfortable with this content, or being given the tools to avoid it.

I think people have an issue with others imposing their discomfort by demanding the content be removed, rather than seeking said tools, or requesting improvements to them.


Feels like there are a lot of people that don’t that they can blacklist certain tags, like that an option like that for some reason wouldn’t exist. As Zero12 mentioned above about making the preview picture blurry for content like this, that feels like it would help for such content that are more towards the “extreme” side of things tag wise.

Some better visibility for where to find the option to blacklist tags would probably help quite a lot. If it’s possible on the backend of things to add a dropdown menu on the left side of the screen, even that would help people finding an easy and simple route to blacklist since it will then be right infront of them. Considering that there is already a dropdown menu for “Tags” on the left side of the screen, there could even be a dropdown menu for “Blacklisted Tags” so that people can enter in whatever tags that they don’t want to see in their feed from there, but adding something like that would ofc depend on how the website is built up and if it’s possible for an option like this to be added.

Just trying to spitball some ideas instead of having to go down the path of banning this and banning that. Because this will just start shit about having more tags being banned and sooner or later this site will probably have more censorship than China and North Korea has combined.


If there’s something on here I’m not a fan of, I tend to not look at it. I come across it sometimes, and usually just go “Welp, alrighty then, not my thing but have fun with that” and move on. I will say I have quite a strong tolerance for that sort of thing, though.

Obviously stuff that’s legitimately illegal is a hard nope, but that’s always been the case. There’s blacklisted tags, and I haven’t really seen many times where people forget to add them (there’s a caveat here - I haven’t exactly been meticulously paying attention)

I am, however, seeing a lot of posts of people not knowing they even could filter things - Perhaps a pinned post in the scripts section of how to use the blacklist feature to filter out content would be helpful?


Has nothing to do with Homophobia. I don’t care about it at all but if we are banning other stuff for preferences or legality.
Gay is illegal in a lot of countries so ban it lol


People have to understand that, e.g., in UK it’s literally illegal to visit EroScripts just because it allows the posts like I linked in the OP. The law does not care about technicalities like “well you can hide tags” or “well the thumbnails is blurry”. EroScripts is simply seen as a platform for sharing child pornography, and visiting something described as such is treated accordingly. For people affected by rules like this there are only 2 options for a meaningful improvement, black and white - either EroScripts throws that content out, or they go and get their scripts somewhere else. Splintering community over a small subsection of scripts would be silly, so here we are, talking.


Also, some countries have porn banned. Ban porn on the site! Also it surely makes some people uncomfortable. If you live in such a country and afraid to visit the site, use a damn VPN.

CP and other illegal content should be banned obviously. Loli isn’t CP. It’s animation.


If the majority of users here are from countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, that would be a fair topic to discuss. Same goes for mentioning that porn is illegal somewhere - I’m happy to have my mind changed that there are thousands of EroScripters from Vanuatu, exposed to risks like that.