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Im looking to get into vr but not really sure what headset to get. Im just looking for a headset with good picture quality but also isnt that hard to use and setup with scripts. Thanks for any help i can get.

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The Quest 2 would be my default answer for the average consumer because it is easy to set up and get going. If you get the Quest 2 and the HereSphere video player app you are pretty much good to go.

However, it is an awkward time to get a Quest 2 given that the Quest 3 will be released in 12 months from now and is speculated to be a significant upgrade over the Quest 2. If you really wanted to get a headset now, I would suggest trying to get one on the used market.

There is also the Pico 4 that was just released but I don’t think it will be a good user experience out of the box even though it has superior hardware compared to the Quest 2. You will also need a PC to run the scripts because there are no apps for that headset right now.


the last reviews i seen for the quest pro werent that great it leans more towards Augmented reality then virtual reality, that in itself doesnt have to be bad but, it looks like it has a bad field of view and a lot of light bleed and it has a hefty price tag. Now i dont know if meta is planning another set to be released within twelfe months but i would still buy the quest 2 instead of the pro.

But if its your first VR set and you dont know if you can handle the motion sickness while playing games (No problem if you only use it for porn) i would say try to get a refurbished one or a second chance one or if you dare a second hand one (watch out for damaged lenses) it will save you some money.

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It is sad, that a few user didn’t find time to search in this forum. This question was posted , discussed and answered so many times:




Appreciate the help!

Thank you very much!

Here you go What’s the best headset for VR porn?

Everything works with a single click on slr

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