Looking to have my SR6 Repaired

Due to what I assume are life issues, M0$AIC has not been available consistently as of late, and entirely unavailable via Discord.

I hope this doesn’t go against site rules, but I seriously need to get help with this as I am utterly unable to fix the myriad of issues my device is facing on my own.

I’ve attempted self maintenance more than once and have determined it’s best if I find another hobbyist who’d be willing to handle the repairs over attempting to buy a new device or wait for my original provider to be available as it seems they’ve fallen off the planet as of late.

I’d appreciate any recommendations people can give. In the meantime, I’m going to go attempt to improve the OFS 3D Simulator.

Edit: For Clarification, I live in the Southwest Region of America.

I hope this is helpful: OFS Simulator3D Mod: Surge & Sway Fix

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Oh. I’m the guy in your server who did that initial recolor. But yeah, I am using that.

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Just calling out that it may be hard to find someone to do repairs on an existing used unit. The health/safety concerns around working on something that a stranger has been “intimate with” is definitely the reason why I don’t accept returns or repairs on any of the used OSR2+s that I sell.

I do totally recognize how frustrating it is to have a busted toy (been there - exact reason why I started building/modding my own). I know you’re looking specifically for a SR6, but if you ever want a OSR2+ - hit me up. I’ve been in the EXACT same boat as you - will try and help you the best I can.

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I appreciate the offer, but for now I want to look into getting my device fixed. I spent over $500 dollars on it because of the features it had in comparison to the OSR2 (And I mean no offense to you.)

I have already sanitized the machine itself, and will make sure this is known to anyone who’s willing to assist me but I was hoping this went without saying.

It is highly frustrating and if I had the knowledge on how to fix the device myself, I would. I do plan to get into printing so maybe I’ll be self sufficient within the year.

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