OFS Simulator3D Mod: Surge & Sway Fix

The original OFS Simulator3D mixed up the surge and sway animation. So if you have been making SR6 scripts to it, you’ve likely have the two axis mixed up. This fork aims to address that issue.

  • Fixed surge and sway being animated incorrectly
  • Did some cosmetic changes to the model and UI.
    – Reduced window outline’s alpha value.
    – Colored one of the cubes purple for better twist visualization.
    – Added proximity fade to the cylinder.


How to build this?

  1. Godot Engine .NET 3.5.3: https://godotengine.org/
  2. .NET SDK: Download .NET (Linux, macOS, and Windows)
  3. Import the project to Godot and make your adjustments.
  4. Export the application following this guide: Exporting — Godot Engine (3.6) documentation in English

With a bit of knowledge in Godot, you can customize the simulator to your own liking:


I am planning to send you a version that fixes the problem, but you have already solved the problem yourself. It seems that you also know some programming skills. :clap:

How I fixed the problem with programming skill:


You can do some funky customisation to the model in Godot, btw

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