Lovense with OFS or Funscript Player

Hi, new here. I made a short script and would like to test it. The Lovense Desktop app isn’t my favorite. I cant figure out how to connect the Lush or the Dulce to any of the script players to test. I am able to connect the toys to the websites that play scripts/videos but how can I test my own? I have a Mac, but I am running Parallels AND i purchased their dongle.
On the Mac side, Chrome/edge recognizes the devices but only online, on the Windows side I cant connect anything.
Is there a program to create scripts on Mac and test them? Does the dongle work on parallels?

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dont know what the lovense is but you could try GitHub - FredTungsten/ScriptPlayer: ScriptPlayer is a video player that controls the Fleshlight Launch, The Handy and lots of other toys in sync with videos. this script player. it works well for what i use it for. but i use estim not a funscript device so idk how to help other than i know it works with the handy and other devices i think

The most powerful Bluetooth remote control vibrator! Lush 3 by LOVENSE

I have that app, I can open and edit a script there, but i can’t connect to a toy to test it

idk how u did that cause the script player isnt like open funscripter it cant edit funscripts as far as i know just plays them. as for that lovense being a vibrator im not sure really. if there is a vibrator device that works with funscripts that actually sounds great. fro what i looked up it seems like you can use the lovense app and maybe use funscripts with that but idk i dont have that app or a lovense device. ive never heard of a vibrator working with funscripts but it certainly interests me

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this post might help you out Best tool to create scripts for Lovense Edge 2?

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