Lube choice

Ok, so I’m using the Handy’s default sleeve with coconut oil (I’ve used it for years and it’s amazing for skin-to-skin). But I’m starting to see that the oil doesn’t really “last long” with the silicone(?) sleeve. For example, if I’m playing Cock Hero AT LEAST once a round I need to re-lube or else it starts pulling on my skin.
So I ask, what lubes do you use? What would you recommend?

Personally I really like Bad Dragons Clear cum lube.
The White Cum lube has particulate in it that will settle and if you don’t use it fast enough it’ll get watery.

The clear lube though, two bottles and it lasts me at least half a year with liberal use. I also pretty rarely ever have to re-lube mid CH

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I have been using H20 Gun Oil Water Based lube on @Realcumber suggestions for almost 3 years now.

It doesn’t get stringy or stick/tacky. It seems to be Iso-Osmotic which is an important factor. Read more about safe and effective lubes here. I tend to be really concerned for the lube and sleeve I use and the ingredients used to make them. For obvious reasons.

The oil will break down TPU over time, learned this with the Vorze sleeves.

I just got X Lube for the first time. I will update here later with results.

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The Handy sleeve is TPU and most toys will dissolve/deteriorate when in contact with coconut oil/silicone lubes etc. Water based lubes are kind of a must, which is a shame since i much prefer coconut oil as well.


Honestly, it’s all I have and I’m kinda okay with the breaking down of material since I don’t mind buying a new one if it lasts “long enough”. BUT the need to reapply is driving me mad.

@M0SAIC has seen the light too :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone should really just go with Gun Oil H20

Its best feature is really the only feature that matters with toys, especially automated - its water based and lasts the longest while still feeling silky smooth - other lubes may feel great at first but no point in having those and end up costing more when u need to reapply every few minutes


It has propylene glycol, which is a fairly common allergenic, me included. It also costs 3x more than some lubes with less harmful ingredients. If you can figure out a way to apply a small amount of water every 15-30min they work just fine.

While I don’t have the concern of allergies (that I’ve discovered yet) the cost is pricey. Do you have an alternative with similar, slippery, results?

Aqua Glide and Easy Glide if you are in EU, no idea about murica lubes.

The ingredients in gun oil h20 (propylene glycol) are actually harmful? Or is it more if you dont react to it, then you should be fine?

dont buy gun oil h20 at full price - they always have 20-30% sales on their site every month, and the lack of needing to reapply more should keep costs similar to other lubes with no need to water down the consistency as well

I’ve tried many many lubes and open minded if someone recommends something better - but the long lasting effect is too hard to depart from

I am definitely buying H20 Gun Oil on sale or from other vendors to reduce cost. This is also a reason why I am trying the X Lube as it seems more economic. It was recommended by IsaacNewTongue I think.

I’ve tried both JO H2O and Astroglide. I had a lot of success with both - the JO one is quite a bit thinner so it tends to run out more, making a bit more of a mess, but perhaps feels a little better. I think I’m going to settle on Astroglide since it still feels great, and not having a permamant wet spot on my PC chair is a pretty significant bonus haha

They don’t sell gun oil here in Australia, and there’s no way I’m paying $40 for a 120mL bottle of it to be shipped internationally!


Probably not harmful, but it can cause some sensitivity issues or allergies. I became allergic to it after using a couple of bottles of lube that had it. The gun oil sounds great, but it’s not something that can be broadly recommended to everyone.

I must be lucky in that I am not irritated by the propylene glycol.

Be aware if you are irritated by propylene glycol avoid H20 GunOil.

I’m trying the budget choice first with Astroglide water, and then maybe JO H20, and if not then probably looking hard at Gun Oil.
I HAVE used the Gun Oil silicone before but it was only a sample so I can’t draw much from that obviously, but if H20 doesn’t have that stickiness than that might be a great (albeit pricier) choice.

yeah for sure in that case best to avoid any lubricants with propylene glycol if you know you have allergic reactions to it
Did a quick look up, and seems that ingredient is safe, but its also a likely important ingredient in lubes that help it last, so not sure if any lubricants without it will perform as well

1 part Xanthan gum, 6 part pure glycerin, 20part hot tap water(add water to your preference) Mix the xanthan gum and glycerin first, then mix in hot water.
This lasts for like a week or so in the fridge and a couple days not. Super cheap awesome lube.

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I use this one, cheap and work fine: Lynk Pleasure Products Anal Lube Water Based 32 oz Sex & Intimacy Lubricant for Men, Women, and Couples: Health & Personal Care

One of the cheapest I found in Canada. The item is unavailable on right now but it was last december on my last order. It last me for a couples of months :wink:

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Welp, I got the water-based Astroglide and … I’m not happy in the results.
It does last a bit longer than the oil but only a bit. It lasts longer than that if you’re not sensitive to the ‘tugging’ (see below).
The real issue is the slipperiness. It suffers from what I feared: drying out. Now maybe I’m just more sensitive to it, but I felt more tugging than usual. It wasn’t drying out in the sense that say the oil did (where enough of it was pushed away from the head) but it got a little tacky and tuggy and not in the fun way.
I would get a good amount of sensation from when I first applied it. And true, it is easier to apply in a proper container rather than something you have to dip your fingers into (ie: I poured it right into the sleeve from the open top). Of course cleanup is pretty amazing, before I could even soap anything up the water rinsed it off, so I guess there’s that?

As I would have guessed, having had the same experience :stuck_out_tongue:

Skip straight to gun oil H20 my friend lol (even small sample) and if you arent sensitive to propylene glycol ofc

I have used oil (silicone) lube and with your hand its fantastic and lasts forever but its properties makes its very bad for toys and cleanup

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