MacOS Scripting Software?

What kind of software can I use on MacOS to create scripts?



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OpenFunScripter is in theory available for MacOS. Gagax123 who develop it has made the code platform independent and I think he set up a build for it, but it is untested. Maybe you could get involved in the project and help out. Gagax123 has no Mac, but managed to get it running on a virtual machine after a lot of security disabling. Not a good solution though. Read more in this post:

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There is also that web-based thing:

Web based scripting tool


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve set blender up, but no luck with getting the add-on to show up on the interface

Edit: I think the latest add-on is only applicable for 2.8, and Blender is now on 2.9, which might be the reason why.

this is neat, a little choppy at first, but not too bad once I got the hang of it. Thanks for the tip!

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