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Web based scripting tool


I have realized that the automated tools in the editor I made isn’t reliable enough to make scripting much faster, and it isn’t really that great for manual scripting either. So I thought I would make a new version, that focuses only on manual scripting, with support for scripting while the video is playing.

Please check it out:

The other version is most likely getting removed, so please let me know if you still use it!

I created a web based scripting tool which you can check out here:

You can find instructions on how to use it once you have loaded a video, by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner. I have tried to make the instructions fairly concise, while hopefully providing enough information to get started. So please let me know if you are able to figure out how to use the tool based on the instructions.

One thing to note is that you’re not meant to change anything while the video is playing. However, I’m thinking of adding a tool similar to joyfunscripter’s on fly recording, where you can move the mouse up and down along a line to add positions based on that.


Great work. If I mess up how do I delete strokes and try again? I’ve tried everything in the instructions and nothing seems to work including Delete. Does keymapping make a difference because I’m on a Mac?

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I just discovered on accident that the Control key on it’s own is undo.

Edit: Okay, strange. I tried Ctrl-Z and now Ctrl on it’s own doesn’t work anymore but Ctrl-Z does

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It could be happening if you’re getting an error while pressing the Z key, as it is tracking which keys are pressed and stops tracking them when they are released.

Please check the console and see if you are getting any errors. In chrome you can right click anywhere and select inspect. I don’t know for safari.

This reminds me, I need to add shortcuts for Mac as well…

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I opened the console and it showed this:
Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 8.44.02 PM

I tried Ctrl-Z again and it worked but then as I was about to hit Ctrl-Y to redo, it treated Ctrl as undo again. Once I hit Ctrl-Z again, it let me do Ctrl-Y a few times to get back. Nothing changed in the console during this time. Whatever that means in the console may have been from my unrelated fiddling earlier. By the way, I’m on Chrome.

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Thanks reporting this. Based on that message I think it could have to do with undoing while the video is playing, or something related.

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By the way, regarding my first comment- I was having a hard time figuring out how to undo because on Mac undo is usually Command-Z, so I was doing that reflexively. Finally, looking at the instructions it hit me what I was doing wrong.

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I have been meaning to implement Command for Mac, but didn’t get around to it as I don’t have a Mac to test it on. But I’ll try to bring home my mac from work tomorrow so I can implement that.


You can press CTRL + Space to play it at half speed. Though at the moment you aren’t meant to script anything while playing, so that’s more useful for finding suitable stroke positions without having to step frame by frame.

You can find other keyboard shortcuts at the bottom of the instructions page found in the editor.

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I have realized that the automated tools in the editor I made isn’t reliable enough to make scripting much faster, and it isn’t really that great for manual scripting either. So I thought I would make a new version, that focuses only on manual scripting, with support for scripting while the video is playing.

Please check it out:

I’m planning on adding more features like the ability to select multiple keyframes, so you can delete or move each of their stroke positions.

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loving this web app.
Just 2 suggestions/wishes
1/ make the stroke control on the side bigger or scaleable?

2/ Would love to have it working on a phone or tablet to be able to script via touch, think it would make for a really intuitive and quick manual scripting method

still a greal app anyway, keep up the good work

Hey notsafefordev

I just discovered the new version of this tool.


Thank-you so much for this :heart_eyes:.

I am going to put it to very good use!



It’s a pretty cool concept but without frame by frame or on-the-fly scripting, it’ll be pretty hard to be consistent and efficient. I like the idea of having a web-based scripting tool, but I think, unless youre doing CH or HMV/PMV, I think it would be really tough to script like this with constant playback for POV or other scenes. Like I said, I love the idea, and I know you’re probably still working on the project. Just speaking my two sense :slight_smile:


My goal was to keep the stroke control at a decent size by default. However, I can imagine it gets quite small at higher resolutions as it doesn’t take resolution into account. If I made it scale with resolution, would that make it better, or would you prefer it to be scalable?


If you end up making a script with it, please let me know.

Actually, last version I posted supports both frame by frame and on-the-fly scripting.

For frame by frame, you can hold down ctrl and use the arrow keys to step “frames”, then just click on the position tool to add a keyframe. For on-the-fly scripting, you just have to play the video and drag the mouse up and down on the position tool, once you release the mouse button it will add keyframes to the timeline.

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Very nice! Sorry I must have missed that. A great tool for those who don’t want to download something

This is a great tool. It would be awesome if it had a way to set positions using the number pad. Like 0 would be 0% or all the way down, and 9 would be 100% or all the way up.

Hey notsafefordev

Was just wondering if you could provide a slower slowest speed?



An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details. You can do this from the Heroku CLI with the command.

Getting this error when trying to load the non lite app

I haven’t been very driven to work on this lately, so I haven’t done anything with it in a while. However, as the suggestions from @satmeo and @et232man were really easy to implement, I thought I’d add them.

So now the slowest playback speed is at 10% and you can use the numpad buttons to set positions. Right now it’s using 9 for 100 and 0 for 0, so that it better corresponds to the value on the input. However, if people would much rather have it flipped, I wouldn’t mind changing that. I also added so that you can add/offset positions on keyframes using the up and down arrow key.

Thanks for point it out! Unfortunately I have been running out hours that some of my free applications can run for, so until next month it will be down. However, Unless there are a lot of people using that version, I’m most likely going to take it down.

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Hey notsafefordev

Wow, thanks so much for making these updates!

10% seems to be a better match to my slow brain, so should make for more accurate scripts :upside_down_face:.

For the feature about “add/offset positions on keyframes using the up and down arrow key”, can you explain how this works a bit?

Also for the issue about running out of free hours, is this something we can contribute to in any way e.g. to buy an extra tranch of hours?

Note if you were happy to share it I’d actually love to get a copy of the lite tool, and learn how to set up an instance for myself, so that it can still be available if you move on from the community. Would be keen to chat about options for that if you’re open to it.

Catch you later!