Measuring Penis Length In OFS's Simulator3D

I’m implementing a feature in OFS’s Simulator3D to overcome some of the concerns raised in this thread: If you own multi-axis - do you have SR6 or OSR2?, and I’d like to hear your opinions.

Basically, it visualises the actual distance between the entrance of the sleeve and the base of the penis. Color changes to purple when the distance exceeds the vertical stroke length of the device, warning against potential hazard where the user disconnects.

Hopefully this saves you a few brain cells from having to do trigonometry during scripting.

Let me know if you think this will be a useful feature to have in the simulator, and if the UI elements could be better presented.

And sorry for the clickbait title. That’s not the intended usage of this feature.thumb


This was exactly was I was talking about with another person, there is no “safety” structure for “accidents” with OSFS when it comes to scripting for a OSR2 device. Otherwise I just go in raw with testing :joy:

Any qol feature like this is greatly appreciated. Only comment on execution would be better clarity on the readout since it’s white on white atm for lower values.

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The rotation point is only about an inch from the base of the case. Visually this is showing a middle point rotation with a lot more offset due to rotation than reality. Is the math correct?

True, but isn’t this a very per user specific scenario anyways? I always had the feeling, that each had to adjust their axis limits to their length anyways.

What would be good though, when OFS or better MFP had an option, so that when there is L0 up combined with Roll/Pitch for example, it would adjust the resulting height to match the expected height from just L0. This would be the only feasable approach imo and would also make the scripts univerally compatible.

Anyways, great job @Falafel this surely might help when scripting!


In MFP there is smart limit feature which I think does what you want.
You can use it to for example limit pitch/roll range based on stroke height.


True, I’d say it is mostly user specific settings, but I feel like it would help with hardware limitations as well. Overall It would help with “weird angles” to not snap the cucumber.

Released v1.3 with these new features. They are disabled by default but can be enabled using hotkeys.


I’m sure it does! Your tool is amazing, but honestly, I didn’t spent too much time yet with axis linking besides adding additional movement. But I will look into those! :slight_smile:

@Falafel Thanks for that! Will try it out the next time I’m getting to scripting <3

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