[Moko’s Fap-Hero Style ASMR]Moko gamble game - EDI


This mode was created with a Wi-Fi connection in mind.
If you’re a Bluetooth-connected user, try out this cool mode.

Short roulette segments between rounds(filler)

Start round (fast)

How to apply modes:

First: Unzip the original game.

Second: Access the in-game resources folder.

Third: Replace the app.asar file with the downloaded file.


Fourth: Unzip the downloaded edidemo.zip, run the edi.exe file and connect with the handy (wifi key)

Select the filler version and wait until ready is checked.

Last: Run the game.

Download link (no original game)

The wifi detail script was created by @shbek!
Thanks for always making such interesting scripts!

Also, this mod was created with version 1.4.2, if you want the latest EDI, please download it from the link below.


This was awesome!!!

No delay between scripts, perfect sync & awesome contents!

I loved the gamble style challenge that this game had. It makes you desperate in a good way. And when it actually hits the green tile and you get rewarded with the countdown to cum, it feels sooo good.


If your ok with a loli character sucking/stroking your cock (in a sadistic way)
And if you understand Japanese a little after watching some anime,

I highly recommend getting this game and trying it out yourselves.



Thanks for making an EDI mod too! And thanks shbek for the scripts.

FunscriptPlayer has support for T-Code toys. So if you are an OSR2 / SR6 / SSR1 user, you should also try the FunscriptPlayer mod.

In fact, EDI support Bluetooth too. The only difference here is the scripted pattern - Bek’s scripts has a lot of small actions that may not feel good with the Handy’s Bluetooth protocol. So they’re best played by the Handy under Wi-fi mode (via EDI), or by the OSRs.

I’ve included a script packs section in my post to list the different script variations, so people can choose the ones they like. The scripts are in the same format so they should be easy to mix-n-match.

I think EDI will also get T-Code support in the future so game mods may eventually converge onto EDI, if that’s the case @to4st @dimnogro.


Is there and English mod/version of this game? Seems like a great idea, but I have no idea what’s going on.

After you click the ejaculate button, you get the scene of her swallowing your cum, and then there’s a completely black screen where I can hear her talking, and then the punishment game starts and there’s video again.

If you ejaculate before she says yes, the penalty game begins.

Please refer to the Japanese sales page.

I was specifically commenting on the 30ish second long black screen, not the punishment game itself.

30-second black screen was an original feature.

quickly reverts back to stock and checks.

Huh… So it is. I saw a black screen instead of video comment or two in the other thread and thought that might be happening to me too, lol.

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I’m having no luck getting this one to work. It lists no status in EDI no matter what’s happening in the game. Any ideas? I originally was using the FunscriptPlayer mod, but I replaced the app.asar file with the EDI one so that shouldn’t matter afaik.

Copy a completely new game.
Then swap out the files and try it out.