More scripts for every SLR video

One more update about SLR scripts features.

We are developing a cool feature called “multi-script

This is a feature that allows submission of more than one script to each video. This would allow you to choose from various scripts to the certain video and script creators will have an opportunity to script any video regardless if it already has a script or not.

You would be able to buy any of the submitted scripts or all of them, if you want, this is completely up to you. Each script will be marked with script creators name, so you can distinguish and choose your favourite script creators work and support them by buying their scripts.

We are hoping to get more great scripts for every video on SLR, so if you are interested in joining our scripting program, please send an email to to sign up or DM me directly.


That is pretty cool. There are definitely more than one great video with an existing script that just does not do it for me.

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In your future update, will local scripts be included in the various choices in the list?

Would scripters be able to upload multiple scripts to the same video, too ?

That way we could upload harder versions for handy, SR and OSR while also uploading scripts more suitable for the keon/launch and similar.

Good idea. Would be good if users could like or vote on them. That way you could get an idea about which is the better script. Also feedback for the script makers

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Sounds like a good idea for end users but could potentially be demotivating for new scriptors competing against seasoned scriptors muscling in on their hard work. Prioritising getting every video scripted makes more sense to me imo.


This is actually a really good take, now that I think about it.

You mean if you will be able to share a self-made script with others through SLR? Or just your local scripts showing on the dropdown with SLR scripts while not being visible to other users?

Yes, creator can upload more than one script for the same video :slight_smile:

I believe this would not be the case for al long time, as you yourself mentioned, there are a lot of unscripted scenes on SLR and if you do not wish to compete with more experienced people for the audience, you can always choose a video that does not have any script yet.
But if you have a scene that you always wanted to script or if you already have scripted it, but could not upload script because we had “one script per video” rule, now you can do that.

Thank you for your answer Kieshi,

I mean just the local scripts (in INTERACTIVE folder of my Quest2), it’s just to have choice between SLR scripts and local scripts so I don’t have to remove/rename my local scripts to use/test SLR scripts.

In the same way is it possible to have multiple local scripts for the same video, is there a suffix to add before “.funscript” extension or something else ?

@paszo the first one I am afraid is not possible, but for the second one I will check for you and come back with a response.

This is definitely a good change! Would be cool if scripters used this as an opportunity to also release scripts with “filler” movement in addition to the scripts that are exlusively synced to the action. I pretty much always skip stuff like pussy closeups in videos due to the lack of physical stimulation.

Yep very true, lots videos to scripts, but…respectfully lets be honest a small subsection of those videos will be way more lucrative to script than others. Hence a potential clash between scripters, maybe? Don’t you QC every script anyways. Why rescript something that has passed? @MajinSoul I like the idea of fillers, but to rescript a whole VR just to add fillers might not be the best use of time. My two cents suggestion, not that it concerns me anyway, I think the first script submitted be it be "L0, R0, R1, R2’’ should be monetized, the rest be made made free? or the first scripter takes half the cut of the money made on subsequent follow up script? Probably a bad idea lol. Maybe allow people to post edits of the main script to cater to different toys / addition filler and the main scripter gets a cut.

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Sound argument imo