Big update on SLR scripting (multi-axis and more)

We are ready to announce a big update, you will notice there were a few improvements to the scripting dynamics:

New features

  • Multi-axis toys support - OSR2, SR6 available on both web and in the app
  • Multi-axis scripts - now you can enjoy these scripts with the toys mentioned above (and with SLR toy as well when it has launched)
  • Multi-script feature - now every SLR video can have more than 1 script, which will allow you to choose your favourite script creator or experience scenes from a different perspective.


  • Updated “Upcoming scripts” tab - now you can see who is preparing the script for a scene
  • Interface change on Haptics tab
  • New design of the buttons

If you would like to join out scripting community, please DM me or send an email to


Are there any multi-axis scripts hosted at this time on SLR?

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I couldn’t see any, but I also can’t see any way to filter them. There are a couple listed on the upcoming scripts page.

@Kieshi I’m not really much of a scripter, but I have done some image annotation. Do you need any help with that?

Not yet, but a few in the making

Could you please send an email to We will see what are the open opportunities

Hi everyone, a few multi-axis scripts just went live on SLR, we suggest you check them out: