More Tags & Muting Tags Completely

More tags being available for topics would be nice as then users and creators alike can engage with content they want to see, and the muting system helps them avoid content that they aren’t interested in. The current tag system does function, however with how limited it is there is detail lost, not only for users ease, but also for SEO :wink: My main issue with the mute function is that it doesn’t completely hide the content from a user

Instead of requiring all the tags on a post to be within a slowly growing list, make some tags be creator tags, and the rest be user suggested. The creator tags would be seen before clicking a post, and would help categorize broadly (VR, pmv, etc.) while the ‘user’ tags would be anything and everything in the post (wether it’s Asian, Latina, edm, electronic etc.) shown only once you open the post, and expand their tags.

User tags could be a suggestion/dislike where users can suggest/vote for a tag, and the most voted tags could be highlighted before entering the post. If a tag only has 1 vote/suggestion, and receives a ‘dislike’ it could remain until it receives another dislike.

The main reason I bring this to the table is so not only to help organize, but also so that we can have more personalized muting/ the ability to hide more specific things. This would allow people to log into the site, and not have to see something they don’t want to see.

Right now you can mute tags yes, but they still appear in the suggestions at the bottom of pages, and in searches so the content isn’t fully hidden. I recognize the search menu is a bit contradictory, but you can still see a muted tag when searching for content from a specific user, and still don’t want to see x tag, as well as many other searches. (Unless I’m ignorant to some way to have more robust searches that can hide tags, totally possible)

Giving the users the ability to completely hide specific content is the most important takeaway from this, however I don’t want content that is not specific enough to be hidden from a user, which is the problem with the limited tags. A user may enjoy the furry tag, but not want to see MLP content. A larger user-submitted tag pool could solve that issue naturally when combined with a proper mute.

I hope this isn’t asking too much. I don’t really know what the dev for this site looks like, but I do really appreciate the work put into maintaining and hosting this site, and want to see it be even better if possible!

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Adding this topic as well, given the relation.

6 tags is limiting for sure.

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Discourse’s tag functionality is very limited when used in a video site context.

There is a single permission that covers modifying tags / renaming topics / changing topic category. This is granted to trust lv.3 users (Regulars) and mods. Requirement of reaching such trust level has already been lowered recently.

I think the best site admin can do atm is to increase tag limit. 6 is not enough.


Agreed, i tend to need about 8/9 tags to fully mark everything.

Also im missing some tags : Milking, Lezdom, Ruin, Denial, Post Orgasm, Goddess, Futanari on Fe/Male, Lesbian for example.

These are some of the first that come to mind.

Edit : Animation could be filed under 3d, cartoon under 2d and Motion Comic in its own tag or 2.5d

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Darn, I didn’t know the site was using Discourse. Hopefully it’ll get some updates in the future that’ll help!

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Are the muted tags and categories used when doing searches, or only when showing new content in the sidebar?

Some content is easy to filter down just by using the categories or tags that you want to see, but in other cases there is a lot of overlap which makes it very difficult.

An example would be that I am a fan of hentai, but I’m not interested in music or challenges. There tends to be a lot of overlap with these which makes it hard to filter down to what I am really looking for, especially since there are so many tags that are basically the same. Like a lot of creators will tag hentai with hentai, animation, cartoon, 3d, cgi. Or for music based scripts using music, audio-based, pmv, hmv, mmd. Or for challenges using cockhero, cock-hero, ch, and so on.

I don’t know which would be easier or if anything is possible at all to help with this. One would think that allowing muted tags in searches would be easier, but maybe if it’s not then doing a clean out and consolidation of the existing tags system might be able to help.