More tags to help categorize scripts

One issue I had with RealTouchScripts was that you could only find scripts by searching for text. For example, when looking for cosplay videos, there would likely be a lot of scripts that featured cosplay, but didn’t include that in the name or description.

So it would be nice if there were more tags like:

male, female, trans, solo-female, solo-male, solo-trans, straight, lesbian, gay, group
oral, blowjob, handjob, footjob, titfuck, vaginal, anal
femdom, bdsm
cosplay, lingerie, latex, non-nude
tease, joi, asmr, compilation

This is @hugecat, stealing the OP post. I want to focus on discussing what tags to add. The idea is to tag videos with what makes them unique with a small set of tags.
If you have a video where you have straight blowjob, handjob, and vaginal, I don’t know if any of these tags uniquely differentiate the video.

While tags are publicly visible at EroScripts, this page only displays tags that have been used once, so it may not be helpful for this discussion.

Already added tags

(this list is out of date because multiple people have the ability to create tags now)

  • anal
  • bdsm
  • blowjob
  • cartoon
  • cgi
  • clothes-on
  • cockhero
  • cosplay
  • fap-hero
  • footjob
  • furry
  • gay
  • handjob
  • hentai
  • hmv
  • joi
  • latex
  • lesbian
  • multi-axis
  • pmv
  • pov
  • solo-female
  • solo-male
  • solo-trans
  • titfuck
  • trans
  • vaginal
  • vr

My original intention was to keep the tagging fairly simple and only call out ‘out of the ordinary’ things. For example, hentai, cockhero, vr.

So for example, I wouldn’t personally tag a video as straight, but I would definitely tag a lesbian or trans post. And cosplay seems like a tag that makes sense, but I’m not sure how unique/helpful lingerie is.

I’m also slightly worried about too many tags making it 1) difficult to accurately tag your script post and 2) flood the category with too many tags to keep track of.

I’m open to your and other people’s feedback on how granular tagging should be


I agree that the tags should be kept fairly general, as you mention, it would make it fairly difficult to keep track on what tags exist when you tag a script. So it’s good to have broad tags that applies to a large set of scripts. And I agree that a tag like straight is fairly redundant given that probably 95% of all scripts are straight.

However, I think there’s room for niche tags, that can be hard to find just by searching for text. It can also help you filter out tags that you may not like, such as footjob.

As for lingerie, I would just be happy with a tag for scripts where the girl doesn’t get completely naked, as I find that really boring to watch. A commonly used category for that is cfnm (clothed female nude male), but that doesn’t make much sense for solo or non straight. So perhaps fully-nude could be a good tag for that, as you could choose to filter out scripts with that tag.

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In my experience, it helps quite a bit to also have a tag for “the absence of any of these other things” - it makes searching for certain kinds of content either, and it makes an obvious distinction between stuff that’s “typical” and when the poster just hasn’t applied tags at all.

Porn tagging can get really granular though. A couple sites I’m on have hundreds of tags. That definitely seems like it would be going too far in this software.


I agree that too many tags could make it worse to find a video, if the OP goes crazy with the tags.
This could however be mitigated by only allowing a maximum of 3 tags on 1 post maybe?

But since it’s not required to use tags, I really dont see this as a problem. Cause I think most will forget or not care enough to tag their posts.

Maybe get a system like PH have to suggest tags? If this is possible, then the 3 most popular voted tags for a post could be displayed.

Another function I would like to see, if possible, to combine tags when sorting posts.
Like VR+JOI for example.

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That’s another concern I have. If tagging is optional, some posts will have in depth tags, some will be sparse, and some won’t have tags. I guess it’s still beneficial, but you can’t rely on it 100%.

What if I require 1 tag minimum, max of 5 tags, and allow user generated tags?


Minimum number of tags is a great idea, if people have to add at least 1 tag, I’m sure they will add more while they’re at it.

As for user generated tags, do you mean tags where the user can enter their own tags that doesn’t exist? The problem with that is that people can use different words for the same things, so you end up with similar content scattered under many different tags.

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Min 1 and max 5 could work. At least it’s a start, and then work from there.

I agree that user generated tags might not be so good after all. Probably better for only the OP and moderators to be able to apply and change tags.

Edit: Maybe give one of the later trust levels the ability to add/change tags. This way it won’t be a free-for-all, and might get more precise tags.

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@notSafeForDev I’m going to steal your OP post and turn this into a discussion of what tags to add.

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going off of @notSafeForDev’s original tag list, excluding tags that already exist.
Bolding what I think we should include.

male, female, solo-female, solo-male, solo-trans, straight, group
oral, blowjob, handjob, footjob, titfuck, vaginal, anal
femdom, bdsm
cosplay, lingerie, latex, non-nude
tease, joi, asmr, compilation

instead of non-nude, clothes-on seems more straight forward to me
I might also include pov

I’m open to feedback on my selection or any additional tags.

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bdsm is probably a good one to have, because it’s very polarizing.

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Not sure what the site frameowork supports, but maybe you could have suggested tags - if people thing a tag is wrong, they can vote to remove it. Likewise if a tag isn’t there, but users think the video qualifies for that tag, people can vote to add it - get enough votes and the change happens automatically, or after moderator review.

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I think those tags would be a good start.

I thought cock hero, hentai, vr, pmv and cartoon were the only tags as they are the only ones that are listed when clicking the search field, so once more tags are added it’s especially important that it’s easy to see all the tags.

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Could you add some tags (or any other label-type implementation) that categorises a script as super-easy-for-beginners, easy-slow, hard-fast, extreme-for-pros, etc? For example, personally I prefer slow scripts so that I can last longer and enjoy them for a longer time than finish in 2-3 mins :slight_smile:

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Something like an intensity level? That’s a neat idea. It may be a little weird with cock/fap heroes since their rounds are usually categorized by intensity.


Yeah exactly like an intensity level. It could be a new attribute, instead of a tag. So people can search by a range of intensity. In the future this can be automated, by letting a module go through the uploaded script, determine the intensity automatically and give a proposal.

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I’ve updated the list of tags in the OP and what’s available to everyone.
I don’t have much control over the tagging system unfortunately so it is what it is.
And as for a tag around intensity level, I’d like to get some more discussion and consensus before adding that.


The more tags the better. I would never search for cosplay, but I definitely want to see lingerie videos. I love BDSM, but femdom is an entire different category. It’s just not good to limit tags. Duplicates are the problem in a tagging system.

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I still think adding “straight” would be a good idea. It would allow for making a distinction between a video with part-solo and part het sex, and a video with only solo content.

Doesn’t femdom fall under the D/S part of BDSM?

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Taking action based on this other discussion.
I will remove the mandatory 1 tag requirement. I will promote a handful of users to a higher trust level, giving them the ability to create tags as well as edit other people’s posts (in order to add tags). The plan is to basically crowd-source tags.

We’ll give this a try and see how it goes.