Multi-axis scripts support on SLR

Hello guys!

We are very excited to announce the development of multi-axis support on SLR!

These scripts will be compatible with the OSR2 and SR6, we have released support for those toys some time ago.

For the moment, in the settings you can set range for the following:
L0 (up/down)
R0 (twist)
R1 (roll)
R2 (pitch)

Everything else will also play, just in the 0-100% range. SLR toy will support the L0 and R0.

If you already have any multi-axis scripts for any video on SLR, let us know, we would love to see them on the platform.

We are hoping to get more great scripts, so if you are interested in joining our scripting programs, please send an email to to sign up.


Do you have a list of videos that support multi-axis? Been waiting to re-up my sub for this.


Just waiting on my servos from Amazon and my SR6 will be complete! I use Oculus with DeoVR right now. The only thing I gotta do to switch to SR6 is use the SLR desktop app on my PC and run a cable to my Oculus?

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awesome news! hopefully we will start getting more multi-axis scripts, which is missing

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Get your SR2 and SR6 here.



There is nothing yet, as we just rolled it out, but we have a few people working on the multi-axis scripts, so should not take long for those to appear :slight_smile:

These guys are legit. I ordered some parts for my SR6 from them including a power bus and got it quick! Pricing out the individual parts on Amazon, it’s not that much more to just get a fully-assembled SR6 from these guys instead of sourcing the parts and doing it yourself.

Yes, what you said is correct :slight_smile:

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Hey people, here are links to the first multi-axis scripts on SLR, check them out: