Must-have for a funscript player

I’m programming a funscript player with Unity.
I thought of a bunch of ideas but, if no one need it, it’s a little a waste of time.
I want to know, for you, what is a must-have for a funscript player?

I will keep result up to date in my Notes and keep your custom idea in my idea list :upside_down_face:

See my DEMO here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool, if I could pick it would be a large script visualization playing along side video. Kind of like whirligig testing mode in JFS

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I realy like that.
I add your idea in my Ideas List

I just try my new HeatMap functionnality.
But how could I have gone without it all this time?
Will be in my next release :slight_smile:

MyLittleBastard Funscript Player 1.0.3 (DEMO)

  • HeatMap
  • Random mode + control of repeating probability
  • More automatic play / upload options
  • Keep media ratio
  • Default thumbnails time
  • Improve icones redimentionning when zooming in Explorers
  • Settings layout more user friendly