Muting tags don't work when using search


I’m wondering if I’m doing anything wrong, but when I use the search function it shows me tags that I have blacklisted. Here is what I search for:

My preferences:

It explains itself below the muted section.

Ahh, ok I see. It only works in latest and you can only search by one tag at once. You can’t even sort by top posts because it will show you posts that you are not interested in :frowning:

Yeah it’s a little inconvenient to filter whilst searching.

You can exclude content you are not interested in by adding -tags:xxx to the end of your query.

It kinda kills the point if I have to type all tags I’m not interested in every time I want to search by more than 2 tags or by a phrase. It looks like muting tags is not working as intended.

@anal4ever Top post are filtered by likes so if you set relevance to most liked it’ll show top post. I also ran some test, if you search anal first then add the tag filter (anal # scripts:free-scripts tags:anal) instead of how you searched it (# scripts:free-scripts tags:anal). It filters out topics with muted tags.

The way you’re using the advanced search feature is like writing a blank check. Specify your search first then add the tags i.e. search (blonde) add (categorized:free scripts) add (tag:anal) When you don’t search something and go straight to category and tag you’re searching through everything.

No, it does not. 4 out of 5 results shouldn’t be there:

Sorting also doesn’t help. I can sort by latest, most liked, viewed. The results are the same but in different order.

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I think it would be good if we could do the type of thing like booru sites do. minus tags to remove certain things. or just remove blacklisted content from search results entirely.

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@anal4ever welp, we tried.

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Another day of Discourse not adding features the community desperately needs :melting_face:


You can minus tags. I just don’t want to do this every time I search for a script.

oh i didnt know that. good point. theres been times where id search something and id see stuff i didnt want to. i guess im at a point where i look at the tags and don’t click because I’m so unphased by all of it at this point lol. I think if the site owners want to stop the discussion over banning content they do need to add more tools to filter it when searching,

if you have a feature request, you can post it on No way for discourse to know what you need if you don’t bring it up to them

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