My Tools 2.0 - Extension for OpenFunscripter 2

As you know, gagax123 release his revision 2.0.0 of OpenFunscripter.

I corrected my extension My Tools to match with his new functionalitys :

  • Removed the GUI description of extension in log to replace it by many ToolTip
  • Option to don’t display these ToolTip
  • Time now in Secondes insted of mS
Add a key Biding for some Slope function
  • Toggle option Freeze Top
  • Toggle option Freeze Bottom
  • Set Slope Max
  • Set Slope Min
How to reach KeyBiding

Menu Options->Keys :

And some other stuff
  • CopyPaste : Add Paste Clipboard
  • Selection Tool : Improvement of selection Auto (Detect if new selection has been done)
  • Slope : Simplification of the Tool (only positive value no matter the true direction of the slope)
  • Function : Bug when Sin are used with starting position