My Tools - Extension for OpenFunscripter

Thanks for the hard work. Extremely useful scripts.

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I was getting sick of scripting everything purely by hand and found this. Cheers :slight_smile:

A suggestion i have for the point adding feature. Since its often used for vibrations, having a quick option to add points every frame would be welcome. In the 1.x version this worked fine for me, but in the 2.x version i noticed that the timelapse value was extremely high, and i had to figure out what the value per frame had to be to make it add 1 point per frame.

And it was confusing since ‘as many as possible’ gives you the idea that it should already do that, only upon hovering on the label you will notice it relying on the timelapse value. For this i would suggest splitting these up, or renaming them to something like:

  • Add 1 every frame
  • Add 1 every timelapse

The timelapse value will on that be able to exceed the 1 per frame. But it no longer requires you to find out what value is needed for that.

(for those who want to know, OFS uses 25 fps, so 0.4 is the value, with 24 fps it would be 0.041666, but that doesnt line up in OFS)


I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong, but I extracted the zip into the extension folder like said in the post but if i click on “Enable” in the Extension Dropdown menu nothing happens and it isn’t checked afterwards…

Hi @SomeoneRandom,
Your have right, with all field you can fill it’s confusing. I will improve that.
And I love the idea of ​​adding action at time frame. All video don’t have same value but Gagax123 give us player.FPS (Frame Per Seconds :wink: ). I will add the possibility to add actions based on FPS. Because HMVs and PMVs have many video merged together, a video can have many FPS. So I will add a TextBox to give the possibility to manually change the FPS and a button Get Video FPS to easily find the FPS of video.

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Hi @ mrvinrsk
1- My last release of My Tool only work with revision of OpenFunscripter 2.0 Have you update your’s?
2- Before revision 2.0 of OFS, the extension was in OFS_data, now it’s in OFS2_data.
3- Afterclick on Enable, you must click on Show Windows.

If it’s still not working, I sugest you to download a new time OFS2.0 in a totaly new folder and MyTool also.

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