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NABP - ScriptPlayer and OSR (TCode) connector




NABP (Not a Buttplug) is a connector between ScriptPlayer and OSR (TCode) devices.

How to use

  1. download latest NABP release, unpack it somewhere and run nabp.exe
  2. NABP will automatically scan your ports for an OSR device
  3. in ScriptPlayer click “Devices → Buttplug / Intiface → Connect” and you should be ready for action

When ScriptPlayer is paused, you can manually control your OSR with the range handle.

Note: Currently you need a beta version of ScriptPlayer, check out ScriptPlayer Beta Features (and how to get them) for how to get it.



I have to say, this is pretty hilarious :grin:
Nice work :metal:

This is awesome! Does it support twist?

From the code I’m guessing it doesn’t.
Just translates linear movement to T-Code

Exactly as @Liquid said. Just up and down movement, since that’s all I need.

ScriptPlayer does support rotate commands at least from what I see in the buttplug adapter code, but I have literally no use for it and no way to test it, so chances of that happening are low.

EDIT: Actually if I read the code correctly it’s either or from ScriptPlayer. So if it sends linear commands (up / down), it won’t send rotate commands. You’ll probably be better off with other players if you want rotation.

OK,appreciate the responses.

Version 0.2.1 is out with important fix for position conversion in 0 - 10 % range.