SLR is paying $500 to creators for Originals scripts [ON HOLD]

@Realcumber is the one deciding what his scripts are worth. Community scripts price is decided by us as SLR. So if any script creator decides his scripts are worth 6,99 or 10,99, he can set his price to that.

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Aren’t scripts where “script creator” is set to “community-scripts” these “$500 per script” where SLR do a one time payment to the script creator? If they are, why do the script creator set the price and not SLR? :confused:

Community scripts are where we set the price, so all community scripts are 5,99$ as decided by the SLR.
Realcumber does not do any community scripts, he is on our revenue share program, so we do not have a say on how much his scripts will be sold for, he decides himself.

ok, thanks for the clarification. Not easy know the boundaries of what’s SLR and what’s marketplace with studios/scripters.

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Hi! I’ve been scripting VR videos, even flat videos, for almost two years now. I wonder if this offer is still available now?


Easy money! You can speed up the script creation with FunScripter: New FunScripting tool in beta

totally :+1:

just mail

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will do. thanks! :grin:


So basically it’s like pornstars with shitty contracts. the pornstar gets paid $500-$5000 a shoot but the studio makes 100x since they own your rights.
$500/4 is 125 downloads. So all your hard work goes for 125 downloads, even tho slr traffic is overloaded and will exceed 125 downloads down the road. all this can be avoided when AI gets better and better tracking.

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a couple of things:
sure, it’s not lucrative, but think of the work that’s being done comparatively. casting models, hiring models, scheduling shoots, actual filming, equipment for filming, cost of location, then post production, editing, cost of equipment/editors/ website people, marketers, social media people, legal, payroll. most of the things i listed come with humans with college degrees, whereas scripting requires nothing but me sitting in my underwear inputting dots on a line frame by frame. I honestly can’t think of a job in this whole operation easier than scripter (and that’s coming from one). then, comparing it to the amount of money I’ve made from scripting on my own, maybe a total of $300 since last May, $500/script sounds great.

Please note that I’m not speaking on behalf of SLR or even being paid by them (yet, QA process is long and i think i tried joining at an inopportune time so it’s taking a while).

second, there’s also a revenue sharing program that you earn per script use. again, not lucrative from what i’m hearing, but still something.

what is the 4 representing here? days of work on a script? i can’t think of why its being divided by 4.

4 = $3.99 maybe (a typical price for a script)? So 125 downloads is a kind of break even if you don’t bother about infrastructure costs etc. Just speculation from my side though. Can’t think of anything else.


The $500/script is a completely separate program from revenue sharing. It only applies to SLR original scenes and the $500 buys the rights to the script from you and SLR gets all future revenue from that script.

The revenue sharing program is for scripting non SLR Originals for which you don’t earn any money up front, but you retain the rights to the script and get a 50% share of all future sales on the script + a split of the SLR script subscriptions.

I know, I’m in both programs.

still a good deal, better than nothing. not like anyone should try and make a full-time job out of it though, unless you get lucky with Patreon as well.

Yeah, it’s better to treat it as a hobby that you can make a little money off of. Unless you live in a poor country the pay isn’t very good. SLR expects frame by frame scripting with very high accuracy on timing which will likely take you 15-20+ hours per scene, and that’s assuming they don’t nitpick your stroke length and ask you to completely change things (which they did to every script i ever sent them). So probably about $20/h with no benefits and since it’s considered self employed work you’ll have to pay an extra 8% payroll tax on top of regular income taxes.

exactly sentinel, i got the $4 from the average pricing of an slr script in general.

We would like to let you guys know that we are putting this program on hold for the moment and will not be onboarding any new creators.

If you are interested in scripting for SLR; check out this thread for additional opportunities.

Out of Bounds - SLR Originals - VR Porn Video | SexLikeReal

through some user upload you ended up hosting hughs script anyway without paying him.

real cool SLR

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Yup looks like the same user has posted several scripts from other people almost immediately after the ‘feature’ launched. Guess they don’t need to pay people anymore when they can just steal them now.

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I have already contacted the author of this script this morning to check if he was the one who uploaded it. If not - I will see to it being removed.

These two things definitely go together.