New Subtitles Available watch topic

I’ve been posting subtitles for scripted scenes lately and I tried to find a way to ‘announce’ them in some way. Since it’s usually not my topic, I don’t want to add a tag to someone else topic. But this also made it harder for people to know when new subtitles are available, besides following me (and other people who are doing subtitles), which would alert you anytime I write any kind of post, not just subtitles.

So I thought about this ‘centralized’ announcement topic that people could “watch” to be alerted.

You can be alerted when a new post is made on this topic by selecting “Watching” using the bell icon, below and to the right:

It should be noted that it would be even better if other people who are doing subtitles would use this topic too. It’s not just for me. This would make the topic even more useful.

This topic should only contain the announcement/link.

No discussion here. It shouldn’t contain the subtitles file either. If you have something to say about a specific subtitle, write something in the ‘scene topic’ that contains the subtitles.


Old subtitles announcements from my subtitles creation process thread:

2024/04/20, added:

2024/04/21, added a few spanish/portugese ones:

2024/04/26, added:

2024/05/05, added:

2024/05/11, added:

2024/06/01, added:

2024/06/13, added:

2024/06/16, added:

2024/06/29, added:

2024/06/30, added:

Also, as a reminder, it’s possible to find all scenes that have a ‘subtitles’ tag with this request:


Added new subtitles for:
Eru Sato - CLVR-081, scripted by Chris_Leo.


Added new subtitles for:
VRKM-01276 - Aika - I Found A Gal Who Loves Premature Ejaculation!, scripted by 6the6somberlain6.