New to all of this, any advice?

New to scripts completely. Just got a kiiroo keon and powerblow. Never owned anything before ever. Just thought I would jump right in and try what I’m told is the best system. Purchased the Victoria June mouth and the Feel Kayley. Any tips for just getting started? Never used anything before. And I mean nothing. Don’t even have the powerblow or keon installed yet. Not into VR, only 2d. Is this an issue? Do I really need to get into VR to appreciate scripts? Any help I’m grateful for!

There’s no “best” way of doing things, but for me, VR is so important in terms of the experience. Both for 3D and 2D videos. The scripts and toys are so damn good, everything becomes about immersion, and having VR is so KEY to doing that. There are experiences where you literally FEEL the performer on you - its wild. I personally would rather jack off manually (barbaric, I know) with VR, than to use a toy with a monitor.

That being said, getting SUPER familiar with your toy is important. Fiddling with a toy with a VR headset on is immersion breaking for sure. So starting with a toy + a monitor is not a bad choice as you’ll be able to keep your eye on things and adjust as needed. Not knowledgeable personally with the keon or powerblow, but I think you’re on your way for tons of fun.

As for the site, use the search function liberally. Be aware there is a pretty big learning curve for the site’s UI - it was very confusing to me at the start. Remember that everything here is volunteer based. Know that creating even a short script takes HOURS. And don’t be afraid to say thank you if you find a script you like.

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Thank you so much for the response! I would love to eventually get into VR, but for now I need to stick with the 2d standard videos. Which VR headset should I look into if I were to go down that path? I’ve been searching all over the place already and I’m starting to pick up on some terms and understand what they mean. Certainly can appreciate how much time it must take!

Quest is the best value for the money. You’ll get the best tech for your dollar with those. People tend to freak out about the Meta integration though, so that’s a choice you’ll have to make.

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Thank you! I’m seeing the quest 2 is looking fairly affordable. Might have to just pull the trigger.

If I get the quest 2 can I watch in 6k? 8k? Any difference? Your thoughts? What resolution do you typically watch?

This thread may be helpful.


Yes. The Quest 2 fully supports VR videos up to 8K. You can also watch normal 2D stuff on it. If you also want to have the AR experience then you should check to Quest 3.

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AR huh? How advanced is this tech in the porn industry, or is it moreso just like strip shows and voyeuristic content? I expect it is still in it’s infancy stages for POV content… I can’t imagine its to the point yet that you can see a “green screened” girl accurately riding you within your own environment… But with AI and everything else emerging the way it is, it doesn’t seem too farfetched either, even if it is a couple of years down the road.

Maybe one day we’ll have legit overlay of content synced with toys that completely hide the toy but otherwise make it seem “lifelike”, maybe even see it integrated with some haptic gloves one day so you can reach out and feel the model in AR space.

I agree. State of the art is something called passthrough VR. The videos are produces for VR devices that have full color passthrough capabilities like Quest 3. Some of them are also taking into account that there are interactive sex toys like the handy.

I think porn is one mayor accelerators for tech especially in the VR context. You can get and idea of the concept in SLR blog post.

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Thank you!

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