New to VR interactive scripts

Hi everyone. I’m new to interactive scripts with VR videos. I use the DeoVR app on my Quest 2 and ideally like to watch VR videos via Plex server over DLNA.

I have some questions that I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with.

With the Handy I can apparently save the script files separately in the /Interactive folder locally on my Quest 2 and then play the associated VR video file over DLNA - as long as both files have the same filename, correct? I’m assuming there’s no other way to make scripts work with VR videos when played over DLNA?

Secondly, do I need to have an active subscription to any given VR porn site to successfully run their scripts with their VR videos? Or can I simply download both the script and video files and the scripts will continue to work even without an active subscription to the associated VR studio porn site?

And thirdly, what VR porn sites currently support scripts for the Handy? The only ones I know so far is sexlikereal and czechvr, and supported ones that are available on this site?

Hi Nigel,

  1. The way your suggesting is one of the easier ways to do it. If your using plex there are a few things to know. Try not to make your files names to long or have too many weird characters it can occasionally stop it recognising the scripts. Make sure you delete the date field on plex for each video (click the pencil on the video) if you dont plex adds the date to the file name and it wont work.

  2. You don’t need an active subscription to any sites. Once you have downloaded the vid and the script your good to go.

  3. Wankz and Naughty America both support scripts but there not as good as the free scripts on here.

Thanks! Really appreciate the tips.

Wow I didn’t know plex adds the date to the file name. Does it do this only when it streams the video over DLNA? Is that why in the playback UI the filename appears with (2021) at the end - for videos that have been recently downloaded in the year 2021 for instance?

Also, I actually prefer to use the date fields on plex to sort the newest to oldest videos. So can I not just add the date to the script filename as well, so it matches? If so, what date format is added to the filename so I know exactly how to match the filenames. Or is it just the four digit year (as suggested above)?

Hi @nigelakins - welcome to a whole new world :slight_smile:

Hopefully this helps:

You can buy a Script Subscription on SLR now for approximately $7-$9.99 a month which gives you unlimited scripts streaming full access to over 470+ VR scripts and 3 permanent downloadable scripts every month

More info to be updated here: Introducing Premium Scripts Subscription at SLR! 💎

Only thing is you currently need SLR premium for the addon and its easier to do if you dont have an SLR Premium membership yet - but theres a pretty unbeatable deal going on right now in the (affiliated) links I linked above

This is a common enough asked question that I’ve added it to SLR/DEOVR’s faq guide here:

Step by Step Tutorial - to Connect the above Sex Toys for ALL PC and Mobile Devices and ALL VR Headsets

You can read from this heading there:
" Video streaming with only your scripts stored locally"

" To get Plex to not mess with the names over DLNA, instead of movies, make a library under Other videos (or something along these lines.

Problem then is, when you browse the files over DLNA is puts the year at the end of the name of when the file was originally created.
abc - def_xyz (2018)

If you then go to plex to remove the date (which is the full date yyyy-mm-dd) you can’t select all the videos and remove the date because they are all different.
But what you CAN do is, instead of removing the date, give them all the same date, ie 2020-1-1

Then Plex gives them all that date, and then you can again select all the videos again and remove the date of all of them at once

Plex changes the name of files based on some internal rules. For example, Plex doesn’t allow capital letters unless it’s the first letter of a word. So Plex changes WankzVR to Wankzvr. My solution is to change the file name of the funscript such that it reads something like “Hot Actress Wankzvr Sexy Time.funscript”. Cut the name of the file (minus extension) and paste this onto the *.mp4 file and you should be good to go

If you are using Cardboard, GearVR or DayDream, upgrading to Android 11 will break DLNA and downloads folder functionality, maybe even the SLR/DeoVR app completely.

For DLNA a possible workaround is installing XBVR on your PC.
This tool makes DLNA accessible via the in-app webbrowser.
(Not tested with Android 11.)"

Thanks for your help.

Wouldn’t it be easier to add the year (of when the file was originally created) to the end of the script file name instead of removing the date in plex for each video file? That way both file names would still match as in my example below…

My VR Video.mp4 - which would playback in plex as “My VR Video (2021).mp4”
My VR Video (2021).funscript

I’m using plex for movies but for porn videos I prefer kodi because it dont change the file names

you could try that sure, if it works better that way for you, but you would then need to double check all dates are always the exact same as matching the video name

@Cerbere makes a good suggestion for an alternative program to use

To avoid problems I’m just removing spaces and symbols from script and video name but I don’t tryied with original name yet

A lot of people have problems with Plex because it adds a date to the video name. At your place I would go for other DLNA server if you don’t want to change the names of the scripts every time you add the video.

I don’t see mentioned here which imo is the best site for starters in my opinion - no strings attached, you can download all scripts and all videos without limitaions.

With some help from the community I also made a List of all free VR scripts that you can find here. Most of them are at the same or higher level as paid scripts in my opinion. The list haven’t been updated for a while but 400 scripts is no joke.

Does kodi work okay for VR?
Are you running the client on a PC or phone?

kodi is great. set DLNA to active on kodi on you should access to it in deovr on your headset