Non Standard Input/Output methods

Is there anyone around here that is using non standard methods for input or output into OFS or another script editor?

I have a good amount of knowledge and experience in audio engineering and editing using DAWs and NLEs. Because of this, much of my editing workflow involves using midi controllers and similar devices. I’ve been a little spoiled after working with motorized faders that provided both read/write functionality and tactile feedback in real-time.

A few devices in particular that I was looking at trying to integrate into a script creation workflow have been the Behringer X-Touch One and/or the Novation Launchpad

Looking at the X Touch Behringer X-Touch One Universal Control Surface | Sweetwater
One thing that I like about the Behringer X Touch right from the start is that it has a fader length of 110mm… that length seems very familiar… almost like there was another popular programable motorized device that moves up and down and has a stroke length of 110mm.
This also has many buttons handy for working on video such as play, pause, record and a jog wheel.

Has anybody else in the community had any experience or experimented with anything devices like these for input?

Well I’ve used quite a few different devices for multi-axis scripts - link. I don’t think it would be a problem to use specific kepads or midi keys.