OFS improvements


After proposing a rewrite of OFS, the devs community decided that it would be simpler to update/maintain the existing.

The goal of this post is to centralize all requests for bug-fixes and new features.

Please comment anything that you would like to be added/fixed on OFS and we’ll see what we can do.



Would be nice to have persistent user-created GUI layout profiles that can be switched between. Especially when using a lot of extensions or just for organizing your views as you want them for different use cases.

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I would love it if I could have OFS open in 2 windows and copy and paste between them to be able to copy sections of a script into another script.
To copy and paste into different scripts with the current version, you need to open the second script in the same window as the first. Like you would need to open the first script, select a section and hit copy, then open the second script in the same window to paste, It takes a lot more time and is way more tedious then if you could copy and paste between two instances of the OFS.


Quoting my post in the other topic:


Use more professional software where all the wants are there “out of the box”.

Nobody asked, but you do you. This thread is about hopefully organizing an effort to resurrect a piece of now-abandonware that is invaluable to this community.


Well, I guess you’re right and wrong at the same time.
Let me make my point.
To create an analog of OFS with its “poker and stewardesses” may be a good endeavor. Always when the question of modernization and development of monolithic software arises - there are people who say “I’d rather write” and start writing their own software. Sometimes it even happens that some result is obtained in the end. And sometimes it is better to try to look around and understand what the final result is.
In my time, when I realized that I lack OFS for writing multi-axis content, I did not “reinvent the wheel” and tried to use the multimedia software I mentioned as a proven and very customizable solution. I raised a couple of times the question that it would be nice to write a special addon to Blender for multi-axis scripts, but I can’t do it myself, as I’m not a very professional programmer and there is a lack of time.
All your desires to implement some functionality in the new OFS, in my opinion, are either already in Blender, or easily implemented by standard tools (python API). I suggest you to make your own addon for scripting - which will be based on such a project as Blender. Maybe it’s implicit - but that’s what I wanted to say.
If a scriptwriter is not enough of the functionality that is available in OFS - then he is ready to use something professional and it is better to direct the efforts of the community in the right direction, rather than to go a long way from 0.

Not sure if this is already a feature, but an option to lock-in the size of the simulator while being able to rotate it freely (as it’s locked in size) in the window, would really help.

  • Blueprint/Template/Script Browser: A side panel or window where you drag and drop scripts or patterns (like vibrations) with thumbnails (zoomable heatmaps) from inside OFS into an active position timeline.

  • Set ‘Min Speed Highlight’

  • Show total Action Count of Script, show Action Count of selected Area/Actions or Chapter

  • Show average Speed of Script and average Speed of selected Area/Actions or Chapter

  • Randomize selected or only Top | Bottom Points between position range x-y
    e.g. Top Points randomize 100-90 | Bottom Points randomize 0-20

Thanks for the effort.


I believe the Blueprint and select by position feature can be done with MyTools.

With that being said I’ve rarely used the export pattern feature in MyTools. The select within position feature is very useful, though bit difficult to access as it’s been drowned within the plugin’s massive menu.

For better statistics maybe this extension will help:

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