Onahole Adapter for OSR2+?

Well, just like in the topic… i dont own a OSR2+ yet, but i hope to get my hands on a g90ak edition soon.

So… i recently got my hands on a onahole… one of those:

The thing feels just freaking awesome… but there is just no way to get this thing attached to the handy or the launch/keon. Its either way to squishy for straps or if you want to stuff it into a “case” the opening is just getting weird cause its kinda cramped up into the case instead of sticking out and of course… during movement the whole thing doesnt stay in place at all. No way to enjoy it like that… So i only use it with “handmode”

I saw this

But i dont know anything about it, i just hope somebody around here has a onahole too, and maybe is able to use it with the OSR2+ and can tell me if it works and if the adapter is working for it, cause it really doesnt look like it can do the trick… it looks weird cause its openended, i mean, the onahole would just push out on top will it not? How should this adapter thing be able to hold the squishy onahole in place?

Does anyone have experience with it or solution for the OSR2+ or the handy?


I actually use this

I bought the straps online and have used various sizes and they all work pretty well

Ah yes… i saw that thing too, so you can use more than one strap, thats already good, but handysleeves are small, how is the diameter of that thing? Its the size of the fleshlight case-opening?

and i saw this one too:

but thats seem way to tight, onaholes like the one i have are kinda big, bigger than fleshlights even. I mean, they are very squishy and you could easily fit it in there, but it would be too tight to enjoy it anymore i guess, it would ruin the “gentle” feeling at all if its squeezed that tight i guess…

The handy adapater could work… hm, maybe something like this:


around it too… than two straps (i already got some for the handy, the standard strap was kinda useless)… yeah thats gonna work.

A few adapters that I’ve tried

  1. VamRobot’s adapter ring.

    Uses three “ribbed towers” to clamp the toy in place. Very stable. FIddly to setup. Only works for toys with a diameter under 70mm. Compatible with T-Twist. Not friendly on delicate toys.

  2. Khrull’s mod case + soecz’s holder:

    Similar concept. More “ergonomic” for certain toys.

  3. Tempest’s Open Receiver:

    Uses a velcro to strap the toy in place. Much more easier to set up and allows bigger toys.
    The issue being it allows the toys to lean to the sides and reduce the roll axis movement.
    It’s a receiver on its own, meaning you’d give up on Twist.

  4. Extended Open Receiver by FunOSR:
    🔬 [Review] “Silent” SR6 From AliExpress: How Quiet Can It Be?

    Uses two velcro to stablize the toy so it doesn’t flop. So far this is the best solution imo.
    The model they shared only works for the SR6.

  5. Extended Open Receiver by me:

    Pretty much the same thing except lighter, and is designed for the OSR2+.
    This is what I’m currently settled with.

All stl files available for download in Tempest’s discord server…


I have actually used onaholes with the bocca della verita holder v1 on the SR6. That onahole you have I don’t think will work properly with holder. The holder only works with very specific sizes and a lot of onaholes vary in sizes. Take a look at the dimensions of the bocca della verita for overall circumference and compare to any onaholes you have.

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I have onahole adapters I sell with my osr2s for 10 dollars.

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Hi, as g90ak mentioned, he also has adapters for onaholes. The adapter I got is similar to the one on the handy so if you can strap the onahole you have, you should be fine.

One minor issue I have is that soft ona’s will need support if you strap it similar to handy sleeves (the opening flushed with the bottom of the adapter). On fast scripts, the ona will flop around but it’s a minor issue since you can just strap the ona in the middle to keep weight balanced and tweak the starting position for the osr2+.

But I am a slut for slow bj scripts so my needs may differ from yours.

What I’ve been using for years:

If you have a spare Fleshlight case, cut where you see the red lines. Then heat up the two bends one at a time to soften the plastic and straighten the arms.

Use rubber bands to secure the sleeve inside the arms. Will attach to anything capable of holding a Fleshlight case, and will hold any sleeve that physically fits inside. If you go this route, get a good sized bag of rubber bands, because contact with the sleeve material will degrade the rubber over time - it gets bloated and weak.

The sleeve you linked seems to be on the large size, but it might be OK.

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Some really good solutions here, i have a spare fleshlight case, so thats a good option i might try once i have a OSR2+

The adapter g90ak is selling for his OSR2+ version is a obvious choice too, so… 10 bucks on top, well… its already expensive so 10 more doesnt add much, will go for that i guess, i have some straps baught at amazon that are better than the handy straps and will be for good use to the onahole i guess. I will never understand why they went for that small holding device with the handy and just on little strap, its really bothersome and complete uselss… even with the regular handy sleeves its just… meh. always moving around, doesnt stay at place, needs extra solutions and silikon straps to work in a satisfying way… the handy is meant to be the easy going solution but its not in my eyes.

If ia need to tinker with that, well… why not go for the OSR2+ in the first place. Kinda regret that i baught the handy and hesitated to get my hands on a OSR… trust issues i guess…

Nevermind, going offtopic.

Thank you very much for all the different approaches and solutions, iam reassured that i can use my onahole with the OSR and looking forward to it.

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Can you share the STL file for the extended open receiver you designed with me?

Another option that works with rotation. Add a rubber band around the base if you go heavy on the t-twist for added security.