OpenFunscripter - a scripting tool - 3.2.0 release

No updates in one year, and the github repo has been switched to read only mode. It looks like we need a new bunch of brave volunteers to keep our most important tool from becoming abandonware!


I am with you, but my C++ is terrible. Wish this was in C#, JavaScript, Python, etc, as I think we’d have a lot more community involvement.

OFS is amazing, but it is aging and can’t easily be improved.

@tanasou This solved my problem with it not opening. OpenFunscripter - a scripting tool - 3.2.0 release - #139 by Bella

I had put the .csv file on the C:\Users.…\AppData\Roaming\OFS\OFS3_data\lang but I can’t see it in OFS. Did I do something wrong?

Is there some way to select a bunch of points and randomly move them all differently up or down 2-3 positions?