"OpenFunscripter failed to import."

I’m running into a problem importing my scripts. I’ve created a few scripts and they open just fine when I open up the project file, but when I try to import the script alone, I get an error:

“OpenFunscripter failed to import.”

I’m trying via File > Import Video/Script

I really want to finish some incomplete scripts that I’ve found, and this error is getting in the way. Any help would be appreciated!

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Do have everything installed, that is needed?

Check "Part 1 - Installtion in this guide:

Yes I do, just verified everything.

A common question which should have answers in other threads. However, a few common things to check:

  • Check that the name of the script and video are exactly the same except for the extension.
  • Try renaming the script and video to something really simple like video.funscript and video.mp4 (i.e. get rid of special characters of any kind).
  • Make sure there is no project file in the folder already.
  • You could also try deleting the OFS appdata folder (don’t remember the path but there are other posts about it if you use search).

What do you mean by “importing a script alone”? I’m not sure if you can open just a script without a video. However if you have the video opened in OFS and wants to add a script to it use “Project → Add → Existing…” instead.

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