I was wondering if I am doing anything wrong I downloaded all the proper programs for openfunscripter and I go to open the application on my desktop and nothing happens and I can’t find the software for software for Joyfunscripter anywhere and I can only find a zipped file so I download that and it doesn’t do anything and I want to create some simple sex scenes of my own very short only about 10 minutes for each scene and I want to do 2 scenes right now but am having trouble with both software and need any help I can get

Have you followed everything mentioned in the video tutorial about how to install? Part 1 is about installation.

I also recommend that you use the search tool here since this question has come up before. Check if those threads might help you further.

Make sure you are using the right downloads. You are mentioning both OFS and JFS in your post. These are two completely different software and have different installation procedures.

Yes,sentinel I have I downloaded all the mentioned software in the video for openfunscripter to run smoothly however, every time I download openfunscripter it shows me the icon but when I click on it to open the software nothing happens and I can’t find a release of joyfunscripter I found the zipped file but can’t install the software

I think it should be mandatory to post at least some information what specs you have (CPU, GPU, operating system, any antiviruses enabled?). Otherwise it’s just impossible to tell if the issue is related to the software or hardware.

I have the same problem with OFS win10. It doesn’t start. Nothing happens. No error.
Lenovo T510, windows 10. Linux ok, but there is no lua script for motion tracking.
JFS works, but of course no motion tracking also.
You can get JFS here (it is a rar, not zip):

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