OSR2+ g90ak Edition - Extremely Limited Availability - $160 + Shipping - Dropping Monthly Starting in 2024

I really anna have one:) ith upgraded servos

Ohh seems this is not the place to responde -.-

i finally have the capital to get one pre built, how does one get one after seeing the drop notification?

I create a separate drop thread at the designated date/time. First come first serve via responses to that post. Next one will likely be 5/1, but will confirm closer in.


Following to try to catch a drop

DROP 5.0 is locked and loaded for 12:00am Eastern Time on 5/1.

There will be 2 standard models and 2 quiet models for sale. Colorways are as always… TOP SECRET.

Thank you to all my current and future customers!



Im down! What do i need to do

Drop info is in the first post. (copy and pasted below). Please read through the first post when you have the chance though. There is a lot of detail there that all purchasers have to be aware of and agree to.

How will the drop work? How will buyer queues work?

    Queues will be recorded via post responses in a drop thread that will be posted on designated drop days. First post, first serve. I’ll go down the list and contact the first responders for payment and delivery info. If they drop out or don’t respond within 24 hours I will move down the list accordingly. Will be posted around midnight Eastern Time on the first of each month.

Ok is there a new thread that will be created? And 12am ET as in midnight?

Yes and yes

DROP #5.5 on 5/15 @ 12am Eastern Time



Questions about your adapters “Handy/Onahole/Fleshlight/FeelStroke/Pilot adapters - $10 each”. I have a Handy with various of their sleeves, Onaholes of many sizes, and a few fleshlights. What adapter(s) would I need if I wanted to be able to try them all in the your OSR2+ build? On the Handy adapter does that used for putting the entire Handy device in the OSR2+ or just their sleeves? Lastly I know the regular build works with fleshlights already so can you let me know what the purpose of the fleshlight adapter would be useful for?

Looking forward to your next drop as I hope to be able to snag one along with whatever adapters I may need :slight_smile:

It’s ONLY for the sleeves. Not the whole Handy device.

You’d need the Handy Adapter, the Onahole adapter, and assuming your fleshlights are all the standard sized ones you should be good with the stock adapter. If you have quickshots, pilots, etc. from Fleshlight, they’d need other adapters. Also worth calling out that if you only have a clear Fleshlight shell, it will fit a bit loosely and you may need to add a rubber band, or have me print you a Fleshlight shell (not as good as the black factory shells though).

You’re correct. Unless you wanted a backup or broke yours, you would not need to buy a separate Fleshlight adapter for the normal Fleshlight.

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is still available?

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All sold out from the last drop. But there will be a drop mid month so keep your eyes peeled.

bet will do

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