OSR2+ g90ak Edition - Extremely Limited Availability - $160 + Shipping - Dropping Monthly Starting in 2024

Hi there! Default holder is the full sized Fleshlight. I have adapters for the Handy, Fleshlight Pilot, Onaholes, Fleshlight Quickshot, and Keon Feel Stroker.

So, to be honest… i wasnt even considering one until this day. And iam not a tech wizz either. I was looking into the whole thing for two hours now… and oh boy… iam a little overwhelmed with this stuff and dont now what is going on anymore.

So there are so many different versions of this thing. This one here looks like its something iam interested in for a reasonable price and it seems to have good quality modifications, like better screws, servos and such than the other model available i think. But iam really tired of finding out myself which is what and what it can do.

I dont really understand the differences between SR6, OSR2 and OSR2+ and so on…

So well, i just ask, OSR, OSR2+ and SR6 what are the major differences between those? Its clear you are building a version of the OSR2+ with overall, i would say improvments for everything that matters in quality as i get it.

AAAAND iam from germany, can you ship it here what will be the complete price in € for the whole thing without worrying too much? (power suppply i can buy myself i guess, USB cable… well got tons of them)

Iam not in a hurry though… so its no problem to wait for the next available thing you drop. Oh yeah… and no creditcard, paypal would be my choice i guess.

Haha, just 2 hours?!

Not really - there may be different builders, or “forks” of the original OSR2, but they all work pretty similarly. I try and keep true to the original open source geometry so accessories are compatible. Others have gone to try and make them more compact or larger, but for the most part, they’re all the same under the hood.

OSR has 2 servos, allowing the unit to move up and down like the Fleshlight Launch or Handy.
OSR2+ has 3 servos, allowing the unit to move up and down, tilt forward back, and tilt side to side.
SR6 has 6 servos, allowing the unit to move up and down, front to back, side to side, and tilt.

Here’s a response to a previous thread discussing OSR vs SR6. I PERSONALLY prefer the OSR2+ (which is why I’ve evolved it and build it exclusively), but everyone is different.

Yes, I ship to Germany. Contact me for a shipping quote - I need a physical address to calculate it, but it’s typically around 60-80 dollars.

Doesn’t require you to be a wizz, but having some tech experience is helpful. If you’re just looking to get into the “toy” realm, The Handy is a good starting point. I don’t want your first foray to be something that is a bit more DIY than you’re expecting. Just want to be clear about that. I do have a setup guide that I share with my customers that helps, but it definitely requires some knowledge of computers and tech-common sense.

Thanks, so i already own the launch and the handy.

Launch is close to dying i think… it has done its job for six years now without many issues… the bluetooth connection is sometimes lost, other than that everything was fine… until recently, the battery only last about half an hour now, which is just not long enough anymore… wasnt an issue before so yeah, battery is dying.

So i bought the handy. Which iam disappointed in. The handy sleeves are not that good, i have 3 of them (lips, lotus and the one that came with the device) the whole thing with the strap is just annoying and its always slipping and doesnt stay where its supposed to be, i even baught some straps with silicone on one side so they kinda “glue” onto the sleeve, that solves the slipping issue somewhat but the overall feeling is just nothing compared to a good fleshlight.

Other issues i have with the handy is the whole thing itself, how to hold it that it doesnt “kick like a horse” for example… and it really cant handle a fleshlight at all. Yeah i can strap it to it, very firmly so it doesnt wobble around, but the movement of the handy is totally not working anymore with a fleshlight, and with a fleshlight attached to it i dont see a comfortable way to even hold the thing so i can “concentrate” on… well, the thing iam using it for :smiley: and i have a pretty big fleshlight collection baught over the years… shame to not make use of them.

I guess for a fast round… like cock heros or so, the handy with it sleeves are fine and i will use it like that from time to time, but for a relaxing VR experience? Nope, not with the handy and not without my favorite fleshlights.

What does “more powerful” mean compared to the handy or the launch if you know what they are capable of? If your OSR here can handle a fleshlight maybe even better than the launch, i dont see the point in buying a more expensive SR6. And i already read about it that the servos and some other issues came up about 6 months after using it and so on… iam really not looking forward to tinkter with the thing every half year. Thats why iam interested in your build here, it looks way more solid and overall more “trustworthy” than the ones i saw… noise doesnt matter to me, using overear headphones any way, the launch isnt exactly quiet either but i dont hear it with the headphones on.

So overall 220€ (160$ + maybe 80$ for shipping is 240$ total in € thats 220)

Can i add the “twisting” modification to your OSR2+? Its pretty much the only “extra” movement iam interested in… i saw that its available as a single mod on the other site, but dont now if it would be compatible with yours. If so… i guess i will try to be the first on your next drop ^^

I agree - they feel like… Handy sleeves. Not realistic at all. If you have Fleshlights already, then the OSR2+ is a good ecosystem to get into.

Yep, lack of a hands-free mount is a HUGE miss from them. OSR2 has standard VESA 100 mounting holes, so there is a ton of potential of mounts.

I don’t have a Launch, but the OSR2+, even with cheap servos, can move quicker and with more torque than the The Handy. The Handy WILL be smoother at movement than cheap servos though.

I am not a servo manufacturer, and I do not offer any sort of warranty with the OSR2+s I sell. Just want to be 100% crystal clear on that. I can’t help if a component dies after 6 min or 6 months. That’s how I keep my cost so low - this is a fancy hobby that I am passionate about, not a business to me. My margins do not allow for me to provide ongoing warranty support. That said, all of the modifications that I’ve done to the open source design have been to improve reliability.

Not sure, every time I run UPS quote, it returns at like $200. I am 100% willing to use whatever shipping you find though - Just send me the shipping label and I’ll be happy to slap it on the box and get it out.

Sorry, I don’t offer twist. Too loud, heavy, and adds unnecessary complexity from my testing. Your Hobbies Customized offers twist and a ton of other accessories if you’re looking for those.

Little misunderstanding. I just wanted to know if the twisting mod is compatible with your device, i already knew that you dont offer it,

Oh and for the shipping thing, yeah already deleted my post again, its VERY confusing so we have to look into it.

edit yeah so shipping will be around 60-70$ with worldwide expedited from UPS (at least a online calculator put out that option), seems to be the best option and is pretty fast to btw, just a few days… witchcraft :smiley:

Yes it will fit. Though the Twist is its own receiver. You’d have to print that (and its inner mechanisms) out, assemble it and replace the receiver g90ak prints you.

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So i guess its waiting time for the next drop? :smiley: You make a new thread for the april drop if its time i guess?

Yep, there will be drops on the 1st of each month. There are also mid-month drops if I’m able to have free time to build additional units.

I have some changes/upgrades coming for new circuit boards, process changes for build, and servo changes.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be on vacation during the 1st part of April so there will not be a drop as usual on the 1st. The good news is that there will be a mid-April drop with FOUR units instead of two. Two of them will come with upgraded servos, and two will come with the base/standard servos.

Thank you to all who have shown interest. I will be available to answer questions and provide any info - just not able to ship while on vacation.


What is the price for the upgraded servo model?

good question! Depends on how much they are selling for when I purchase. It’ll likely be $245 for the g90ak Edition OSR2+ with upgraded servos.

In case you haven’t seen it, I’m running a servo comparison here:

I’ll announce which servos are which #'s in the test in a day. Right now, I CAN confirm that the servos that I’m using for upgrades is included in the blind comparison.

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The test is amazing and obvious (posted already there)

if its possible to get the better servos that are not that loud i would be thrilled. Hopefully i can get one of those in the next drop… the effort you put into the work is awesome. But, i think that the power of the servos are much more important? If they cant handle the fleshlights for example or are making movements that the whole table starts to shake its a bigger problem than some sounds :smiley:

i saw videos with the osr where the table attached to it was rattled like during an earthquake… and it was a normal big table not some small couch-thing.

It is important, but to most users - not “much more” over sound. Typically the #1 complaint about the OSR and SR6 is the sound, not the power.

Even the cheap China servos can handle fleshlights without issue. As far as table shaking… that’s a mount or table issue. Additionally, the servo’s ability to shake a table is direct correlation with the strength… so isn’t shaking a table a good thing if power is what you consider as “much more important”?

Regardless, I have no plans to test the “power” of servos as I really don’t have a way to truly measure the torque of them… plus I don’t have a desire to burn any of these out doing a hardcore stress test like that, some of them are $$$ :slight_smile:

Huh, didnt know that its that “easy” for the servos to handle the fleshlight… cause the handy cant handle it well. So i guess the cheap china servos are more powerful than the handy… on second thaught, not much of a surprise, i cant understand the “praise” going on here about the handy at all, iam very dissapointed in it overall. There are so many flaws about it, if i would start i couldnt stop…

So yeah if its so easy for the servos used in the OSR to handle the fleshlights, my statement is kinda dumb. But well, i dont know shit about those servos and so on :smiley:

In my little brain it goes like this: “quiet servos have no power, the launch is already kinda loud and cant move the fleshlight that well and the handy is a little quieter and cant handle the fleshlight at all, so i need powerful servos to handle that thing, which means they are loud i guess”

Good thing you are building that thing not me :wink:

It is flawed, but it is SUPER attractive in terms of ease of use and easy setup. OSR2+ is a bit more challenging to setup and tune, but I’ve tried to write a very in-depth guide to help with that. I think the Handy is a great toy for first time users that aren’t very tech savvy - great stepping stone to more advanced toys. I think that the main flaw is lack of sturdy hands free mounting. Making a jump to hands free REALLY ups the immersion factor. That all being said - I’ve tried to go back to the Handy (for science) after using the OSR2+, and there is no comparison at all. The Handy feels so 1 dimensional and boring. The OSR2+ has so much more “spice” in its capabilities, there really is no comparison from a sensation/experience standpoint.

Not necessarily a bad line of thought :slight_smile: I think that most servo manufs never gave sound a thought at all. Their main use cases in RC models have very little requirements for quiet operation. It’s nice to see some manufs taking the time to make more quiet models and we’re seeing some great results.

Hi, i been looking to buy a good machine for a very long time now, and i definitely feel yours looks like the best option i seen! also they look super pretty i love them!!

I really want as quite version as possible, i guess that means Flash Hobby M45CHW servers?

Will try to buy one as soon as possible, April drop if i’m that lucky :sweat_smile: i have no idea how fast they go after you post them or what servos you put in them. :smile:

(I have a collection of fleshlight girls already and i also have the universal launch. But i want to sync to videos and that one can’t do that. also i want hands free, so i think this will be perfect.)

Thanks so much for the kind words. Yes, the Flash Hobby M45CHW are my recommended ones right now for smoothness, price, and noise. But please keep in mind that I haven’t tested a large amount of servos. There are hundreds of them on the market - I’ve tested only a couple dozen, so if you research finds better ones, I’m happy to install them.

Drops have been going very fast. I typically sell drop units within 1 hour of posting them. I’ve been super fortunate that people have had interest and excitement over them. My next drop will be on 4/15. I’ll release 2 units with the stock China servos, and 2 with the Flash Hobby servos.

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I really want to buy one :slight_smile:


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