Osr2 or kiiroo keon?

hey im debating getting keon or osr2 by mosaic. im reading mixed reviews on keon ,Is keon not a well preforming product similar to osr2 base model?

Keon they sell in my country and it has a half year warranty and osr2 being not commercial product worried it might break down after while and im left with expensive defect. Is osr2 reliable? and if breaks is it easy/cheap to fix? i have no 3d printer or engineering background.

Also kinna discouraged sites like sexlikereal/czechvr… dont support osr2. Is there ways to get those sites scripts to work on it?

and something no idea if possible on either. i use my quest 2 wirelessly when watching vids. will both these devices have me need to connect both my headset and device to a pc with cables?

any info will help with decide and be much appriciated, cheers

with the quest 2 you always have the option to use Virtual Desktop in the Oculus Software and connect your Quest through the 5ghz Wireless Internet to the PC. So there shouldnt be problems with that. And i have the Keon and i like it. The only downside is that it is a bit loud. Its not as loud as the Fleshlight Launch but still so loud that i often cant relax, thinking that my neighbours can hear me. And hearing the Keon kiiroo itself with Headphones on.

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You can definitely use the OSR2 with SLR, don’t know specifically about czechvr but I don’t know why it wouldnt work…
No idea about the Keon, but I’m pretty sure the OSR2+ is considered the best experience hands down. None of the 3d printed parts have broken on mine, but I’ve had servos go out although they’re very easy to replace.
I built my own so I don’t have any experience with mosaic, but I imagine he’d be willing to give some basic customer service if something did break

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@hellohellohi is correct - most toys, including Keon and OSR2 work already natively through SLR (its the OSR2+ multi axis version that is not yet natively supported as they require additional scripts for each axis)

this is actually the first I’ve heard that the Keon is loud tbh - maybe there are different versions?
My Keon is the most quiet of all the stroker toys I own, even going full blast (I own every major one) and its one if the great features I enjoy because of it

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@Realcumber Osr2+ is still compatible with slr just won’t make use of the extra axis? Or it doesn’t work at all with slr? Guessing will work if download slr vid and script but use on different player
The plus version also might be option since extra axis does look super cool but dunno if worth it since after looking around seems little to no multi axis scripts.

Glad to hear can run quest 2 wirelessly with vertual desktop but what about the keon and Osr2? While syncing vr do those need to be connected to computer with cable? And do I need a powerful computer or will decent 2 year old i5 laptop be sufficient?

And noise is the least of my concerns. Disregarding noise is Osr2 noticeably better experience over keon? Regarding things like syncability, smoothness, performance at diff speeds… If one can’t keep up with what’s going on screen can imagine will be immersion breaker and immersion factor is super important

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OSR2+ works same as OSR2 through SLR - It works directly even with streaming scripts → JoyFunPlayer 4.0 - OSR (TCode) Player - #57 by raser1

OSR2+ will only give you main axis scripted playback (without additional multi axis movement)

Quest 2 cpu is powerful and its the graphics card that matters the most (Quest2 covers your bases up to 8k) so best to use quest 2 power - You dont need to be connected to PC at all for Keon if you go through using SLR Interactive here →

If noise is not a factor - then Id say for sure get the OSR2 - it plays back scripts 1:1 as intended, stroke depth and accuracy is all you will ever need - relatively easy to repair - and most importantly, best feeling/immersive real-like sensations (with a good script ofc)


I am using Kiiroo Keon and Quest 2 256 gb it is good entry setup. Only problem that Keon sometime does not follow up so good on intense scenes but performance well on long strokes that I love. Personally I been thinking about osr2 + and still I am waiting and thinking. But if I would choose today from start I would go for OSR 2. Unless you want something compact like Keon

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@Realcumber thanks for all info, sorry last question, you say can run videos locally on quest 2 with keon, is it possible to use quest 2 with osr2 also running the vids locally on the quest or need a pc ? Not sure if will need to buy stronger computer to be able to use with osr2 since my laptop has crappy onboard graphics since its buisness not gaming laptop

yes Keon works that way, for OSR2 - I dont think you can use OSR2 locally/offline with quest 2 standalone

You will need a pc connection still as I think all OSR players are PC based

You may be able to stream to your quest via Virtual desktop app running on your pc, but not sure if method uses your pc or the quest graphics card

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The biggest problem a lot of people have with Keon is that it can’t be used while plugged in, and only has a battery life of an hour or so. I’ve had problems with mine thinking it’s charged when it’s not too. So when I go to use it, it only lasts a few minutes, even though it’s been plugged in and says it’s got a full charge. Which is pretty frustrating getting everything setup just for it to die almost immediately. I know nothing about the OSR2, so I can’t really comment on that. But I wouldn’t really recommend the Keon.

Most toys unfortunately dont let you use them while plugged in, I assume for safety reasons, which I understand, but I wish they could at least be used with portable power banks and hope they can one day

Have you tried swapping out your USB power adapter or cable?

Not all cables and power adapters charge equally, so I would recommend trying different modern higher quality usb charging cables and adapters just to see if that helps

You do mention it appears to show itself fully charged, so it definitely should last much more than a few minutes, so maybe you have a possible defective unit?

Have you also tried reaching out to Kiiroo’s customer support? They are usually very helpful and have no issues replacing items if they are possibly defective

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Just bought keon then since can use without pc and prob upgrade in future to osr when have stronger pc. That awesome black Friday deal was good timing :slightly_smiling_face: thanks!

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Can you use either of these toys with the Quest 2 without having a PC playing the video? My PC can’t handle 5K or above video, so I want my Quest 2 to do the video rendering.

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Real cucumber answered that question for me, for keon don’t need a pc, Osr2 u need

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Yes you can stream it off the headset instead of your PC, but you still need a pc to handle the scripts. Doesn’t need to be a powerful pc or anything


i own both, and as long as you can tolerate the noise (OSR2+ is loud), the OSR2+ is “way” better than keon. If join the discord, you can get custom parts for it to fit different sleeves like the onahole (soft version) which takes the sensation to the extreme.

I’d throw my keon away if I hadn’t just recently bought it and wanted better…(hence the OSR2)

So it IS possible? I’m delighted to hear it. Is this forum the best place to look for how to set that up, or is the creator’s Patreon where I need to look first?

Should be able to find the software on here, but if you join Tempest’s (osr2 creator) discord, you’ll probably get more accurate/faster replies to specific questions you have

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It’s generally pretty easy to remove the battery and just solder a pair of leads in its stead so that you can run a toy with a power brick that delivers DC with the same voltage as the battery.