OSR2+ Pre Built Not working

Alright, I bought this OSR several weeks ago and I have not a faintest clue what is wrong. I have set up MFP downloaded the 210 drivers, opened up the machine to look to see if any wires are loose. It will not “home” on start up and will not respond to MOSA when powered on.

Who have you brought it from and have you reached out to them already? If it’s M0SAIC then have you taken a look at this page?: Help and Resources – Your Hobbies Customized LLC as it has an user manual and such there. If it’s someone else you purchased from then best get in touch with them.
As it does sound like something worrying is going on since it doesn’t do the connection jerk or “home” when you turn on power or plug in the USB to your computer or connect to it via Multifunplayer…as I doubt all the servos died (if they refuse to move then it’s a sign of it I believe) which then leave the circuit board and it’s connections. Do any lights come on when it’s provided with power?

Also just incase…Multifunplayer can be slightly tricky to get your head around. So calm yourself down and go through it’s manual too a bit slower and you might find what (if there) is wrong. (make sure you got the right serial port for instance)

What my Multifunplayer looks like roughly incase it maybe helps

As @Ratattack15 said, try contacting the seller, that is your best bet.

But let’s see…
Can you connect to the osr using Mosa and just the servos not working?
Or you can not even connect to the ORS?

If the site can not even see your toy, then connect the USB cable to the pc.
To verify the connection between the OSR and the PC you can open your device manager, and look for the ports sections.
There you should see a device like this:
Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM<some number>)

If this shows up, probably a quick(ish) flashing of the OSR will solve your problems if there are any real issues.

Also if you power up the board of the OSR (connect the USB cable to the pc), you can turn on / power up the servos and it should default go to home (middle position) without any software…
Just to be sure disconnect the receiver on one side (remove the screw).
Since the factory 0 positions of the 2 up/down servos are in different directions (if I’m not mistaken), so without the OSR software the arms can go in different directions and break something.

If the homing does not happen or the servos go in opposite directions, there is a chance the code is missing from your OSR.

If you have more to share please do so, and we might be able to help a bit more.

I can connect the OSR to MOSA but will not home. OSR shows up on my device manager and I followed the steps off of your hobbies customized, which I bought the prebuilt from. Do I need to do a “flashing” of the OSR? It lights up when I connect via USB and when powered on will have the fan moving.

If it shows up, then it’s probably not an issue with the OSR board itself.
It is either a dead servo or bad software.
(I assume you are powering the servos with a proper power supply.)

In order to further reduce the scope, I would recommend downloading and installing the Arduino IDE.

Once you are done, start the software.
(We won’t bother setting up the proper board, we need this to monitor the serial port.)

Hit ctrl+shift+m, it should open up the monitor.
It should complain:

Connect the OSR

In the top menu you should find the Tools menu, click on it
Select: Tools -> Board -> Arduino AVR Board -> Arduino Uno
After that: Tools -> Port -> COM<number>
Now the warning should be gone and there should be a field and 2 selectors.
In the last one, you should see something like this 9600 baud.
Try to set it to 115200 baud.

Now disconnect the USB and plug it in again.

If the software of the OSR works as expected, you should see some messages in the monitor window.

(If you see pictograms instead of normal characters, try setting the baud to an other value from the dropdown and try to reconnect the cable.)

If you do not see anything in the monitor, then probably it is a missing firmware.

If something related to osr shows up, it is an issue with the hardware (servos/wiring/servo power supply).

If it is firmware:
I have no access to Tempest MAx firmware and I do not know how to flash them, but you can try to flash Khrulls, in the zip you will find a How to upload binaries.pdf with the instructions.
(I find that firmwares before v0.3 are smoother, but either will work.)