Personalized templates for new topics?

And I have another question, so as not to create a new topic, I’ll ask it here. Is it possible to personalize the new script template?

go for it

I meant a little different. so that everyone can save their own template for themselves, if it is feasible on such a site. for example, I always add links to my portfolio and patreon at the end and I want them to be immediately in my template. and other scripters who use their own version would already see a different version of the template created by them

i spent like 10 seconds and 2 braincells reading this, but not sure if it’s a good fit or not. Seems like we install this plugin, then yes, but it’s not the most straightforward to use


Yes, this looks like what I was looking for

Simple solution, save your template content in a external file like .txt and copy / paste.

Now I do this, but I would like to see this opportunity on the site

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