Pico 4 or Meta Quest 2?

hello ,
what is better a Pico 4 VR Headset or a Meta Quest 2
planning on ordering one today so need advice on what to get :slight_smile: and that is compatible with SLR site

You sell your Quest 2 and then buy an Oculos Go and now you want to buy a Quest 2 or Pico 4 again?
I don’t get it. :thinking:

As far as I have read both headests work for SLR
If you can wait a little longer, I would wait for the Quest 3. :man_shrugging:


There was a similar discussion in this thread here: PSVR2 - valid headset for VR porn? - #8 by Slibowitz

Maybe it helps you. If you have any more questions and need more advice, feel free to ask.

personally id wait for quest 3 but if i wanted something now sub 500, id go pico4 which has many improvements over quest2 like better lenses, resolution, fov, color passthrough, ipd adjustment.
quest main advantages are better for laying down since no battery in back and better software and library

something holding me back from the quest 3 because facebook owns oculus now and i really hate logging in onto fb and metaverse sees al my search actions privacy is gone … and yes i sold my oculus quest 2 but didn’t realize i have so much VR porn that is now unusable because of the resolution

Fair enough. Oculus has been part of Facebook since 2014, right? If you’re worried about privacy, the Quest 2 shouldn’t be an option either. You don’t need a Facebook account anymore - a Metaverse account is enough. I don’t think Pico 4 is any better in terms of privacy. But I don’t know. For the Quest 2 there is this on Github: https://github.com/basti564/Oculess. It was meant to log in without a Facebook account and to deactivate the telemtry. You can still disable the telemetry.
If you want to read something about the side effects using Oculess:
I haven’t tested it myself yet because I don’t have VR glasses yet. Actually wanted to buy one, but the Facebook account requirement held me back. Then the price was also increased and therefore I thought it was worth waiting for the Quest 3. The first thing I do on the Quest 3 is the above mentioned to disable the telemetry if that is still possible.

yeah made up my mind if i see the specs of the Pico 4 and the quest 2 , the pico 2 is better (Battery and better resolution) i hope the pico 4 does support to sideload the SLR app on it :slight_smile:
just ordered a pico 4 256gb for 445€

3 days later new post on Eroscripts:
Selling Pico 4 device

Just a little fun :rofl:
Enjoy it!

let’s hope not :smiley: but still have 30 days no good money back garantee from the website xD

SLR is fully compatible with Pico4 and it has got some really great feedback https://forum.sexlikereal.com/d/3200-pico-4/

Otherwise I prefer Quest Pro for much better quality

yeah uhm i don’t have 1500$ for a vr … that’s my whole salary from work for one month , than i can’t pay rent , electricity , gas , water , internet , food or drink and no insurance for my car :smiley:

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