Playing VR videos as non-VR?

It always bums me out that like 99% of all the JAV scripts that get posted are for VR. Something I lack the hardware to experience. Is there any way to play VR videos so I can enjoy them regularly without any split-screen weirdness?

Follow this guide

We are making it work Should we port SLR app on Android and iPhone to play with flat videos?

Expect an update in coming weeks.

I use a simple and manual Pan & Scan with Media Player Classic with ScirptPlayer. Zoom in (9 numkey) or out (3 numkey) and move the video left, right, up, down with ctrl+4, 6, 8,2 (numkey). No extra programs to install and extra processing. It’s not going to remove fisheye but you can simply zoom in and choose one side to watch

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