Please Help me in my ignorance

I have had A Launch for a Bit over a Month now but it didnt take 24/hr to realize the app that went with it is complete garbage. After fumbling around online for the next 3 days trying to figure out how to connect directly to my PC I found the old Scripting site and learned of ScriptPlayer. i was Very happy to later discover this site later on from a passing comment i read on the old site…My god im Droning on the point in this whole thing is i STILL cant watch 3D Videos. ScriptPlayer can do other things but not that How do i watch them (Synced to my Launch), i see other people ask and the most common thing i see is people saying to use DeoVR, Whirligig, and an app called SLR Interactive, How do i bring all this together??? I’ve been able to connect Whirligig to the ScriptPlayer but cant get Whirligig to Play 180 3D flicks. please explain it to be, im Begging someone for there help

Try this one first.

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I would be happy to assist.

If I am not mistaken we need to get VR to play right in Whirligig?

If that is all then this should be an easy one.

Inside of whirligig click the setting gear and then look at the settings available. Change Cinema to Barrel. Then you need to open the file through Whirligig by clicking the file path and navigating to the folder where your 3D videos are located.

ty all, looks like one of my problems was i didnt have the most recent ScriptPlayer and in Whirligig i wasn’t using Direct View and Barrel view

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