Please help this noob making an informed decision

Let me apologize in advance if this turns out to be long and contain questions that have been answered before, please forgive me. I just have so much to ask and hope that I come across somebody who can help me with this and after some research, I though creating an account here and posting this would be best.

Basically, I have owned the “Valve Index” VR headset since the end of last year and having advanced porn experiences has been a goal of mine since day one. I did come across virtual mastubators like the Handy around that time, but decided that it was a bit much to spend.
Anyway, I most likely changed my mind and wanna get one. I am posting my questions here to make sure this makes sense for my particular situation, as I assume returning one of those is not easy or even impossible because of hygiene reasons.

My situation: I have the headset I mentioned above and already have quite the collection of high quality VR porn videos. I am a big believer in having stuff offline, so I have stored all of my collection (lots of it 6K and more) on a huge local hard drive. To get to this point, I was subscribed to SLR twice and CzechVR once since the start of the year and legally got to this big collection.
At the time, I was didn’t go for the SLR sub with scripts as I didn’t have a device for it and also didn’t get them on the other website.

Anyway, fast forward and I am really curious of getting one. I will try to number the questions I have.

  1. Getting the “Handy” seems to be the most premium and high quality if I see it right, would you recommend this one?
  2. Is it recommended getting an extra sleeve (there seems to be a sale too) or would the one it comes with enough?
  3. How does it work in geneal. It is supposedly a real intense experience, almost like real sex in a way. Can it be used absolutely hand free or how can I imagine this? It is hooked up to a motor, but you need to place that somewhere in order to…not to break your dick right xd But if I hold the device, doesn’ that already take away from the desired effect of being real immersive?
  4. The main usecase is using scripts, but if used offline, is that also doable and a nice experience?
  5. In general, I have used mastubators before like the “flashligh”, is the handy another level or should I keep expextations low to not be disapointed?

Now more general questions about scipts…really important.
6) So I have described my situation, user of the Valve Index and a huge offline VR collection. Prefarably I would wanna acquire all the official scripts to my collection legally, but from some quick research that doesn’t seem to be that easy, with the need of re-subbing for the full price as well as very restrictive download caps. I just want the scripts for videos I already downloaded legally. Is there a way to do that or should I give up on that?
7) Coming to the next stop, I understand this website provides free scipts. Is it correct that these were user generated, so videos that have “official” ones were redone and just provided for free? Will the quality of these be good enough?
8) So I currently have always used DeoVR for offline playback of my library but if I need to use a different one to play the videos plus scripts completely offline that is fine too. Is that possible, using all of this offline like I have previously?

  1. So baiscally…is it worth it for me with my hardware and software to invest in the Handy?
    Do I understand things correctly and will I get enough value for my money?

Thanks so much for helping out, as you can see I wanna just make sure to not be disappointed. Have a nice day!

There is a few good options to get depending on your needs:

  • There is an OSR2 / SR6 which also rotates, twists, etc. However, the amount of multi-axis scripts is very limited compared to the normal scripts. I also think it’s more for DIY enthusiasts.
  • There is a Handy that you mentioned which offers a great price/quality performance. It gives you the ability to use a lot of different sleeves, however heavier sleeves (like fleshlights) might reduce the performance a bit.
  • There is Keon (basically a Launch 2.0) which is intended for fleshlights. However it offers worse performence compared to the 2 toys above and some people have problems with running some faster/ more detailed scripts.

I personally own Handy and can recommend it. It’s very straightforward and easy to use. Never had any problems with running scripts. From the downsides you need to figure out the way to mount it in place, unless you want to hold it the whole time. But there are some discussions that can help you.

You can always get another sleeve afterwards. I think the default sleeve is ok. The obvious alternatives are Fleshlight Quickshots and Handy sleeves on their website. But you can pretty much attach anyhting to it.

As I already mentioned in the 1st point you need to figure out the hands free mount. It’s definitely very immersive in VR with a hands free mount.

You can check how the toys work here.

You can do it offline. It’s like jerking off. It has buttons to control movement or you can load just the script without video.

I think it depends what you expect. It’s deffinitely a huge step forward from doing all things yourself.

So there are two ways of obtaining scripts:

  • you can get the free vr scripts from here. There is also a list of all available free scripts here. That’s over 1300+ scripts for free :sunglasses:
  • you can buy scripts from SLR or . SLR also offers subscription based model but you need to stream the videos in order to use them. There is also CzechVR - if you subscriibe to them you can download every script without additional costs.

Obtaining videos is pretty straightforward - you just sub to the site you like and download the videos.

Most are user generated. There are some scripts AI generated, but the authors usually mention it in the description.

I’m not sure I understand the 2nd sentence, but if you mean videos that have paid and free scripts that usually means they were done by different persons and both are probably a unique experience.

I don’t personally think the paid scripts are any better than most free scripts here. But yeah, the quality of free scripts can vary, most of the time you are good to go tho.

With Handy you can use:

  • DeoVR - you need to buy script or have a sub to SLR in order for it to work,
  • Heresphere - I made the guide for Heresphere if you are open to alternatives.
  • Pigasus (I think)

I think it’s better if you answer this question yourself based on what I wrote.


No, but it will probably be the most recommended. It is a fabulous device that is much easier to use than pretty much anything else while also being one of the best quality devices. The most premium and high quality device would be the OSR or SR6 with their insane ranges and axes of motion as well as torque.

  1. Is it recommended getting an extra sleeve (there seems to be a sale too) or would the one it comes with enough?

Most people will say the Gen 2 sleeve at least. In my opinion it’s a worthwhile upgrade over the stock one, but the stock one is great. There are quite a few onaholes or other non-Handy strokers that also work great.

  1. How does it work in geneal. It is supposedly a real intense experience, almost like real sex in a way. Can it be used absolutely hand free or how can I imagine this? It is hooked up to a motor, but you need to place that somewhere in order to…not to break your dick right xd But if I hold the device, doesn’ that already take away from the desired effect of being real immersive?

It’s a linear actuator with a wireless control board. The actuator moves the stroker along a screw pretty quickly with a surprising power curve, but other than that it’s a pretty simple device. A text file (.funscript) with time stamped speeds and positions is sent to the device. The video player then sends time stamps to the Handy rapidly and the device responds accordingly via the instruction in the text file. This is entirely handled by the software if the video and text file have the same name in the same folder.

It does not currently have an official handsfree option, but here in this forum you’ll find a thread dedicated to making your own. It’s recommended that you do so. Even a very basic handsfree option makes a huge difference. It’s really not a matter of safety but easy of use and the sensations provided as you have deduced yourself, for immersion. An official device has been in the works for a while now.

  1. The main usecase is using scripts, but if used offline, is that also doable and a nice experience?

Most scripts are offline, actually, being downloaded to your local computer from this wonderful site created by @hugecat. The Handy under basic use requires the internet only to connect to the official service server and facilitate wireless transfer (with a secure connection key) of the script for ease of use. Software like Scriptplayer, MultiFunPlayer, and Intiface can make the entire setup offline. Unless you use the BlueTooth transfer protocol, the experience between online or offline will be indistinguishable. SLR is great too and many of their scripters also post here!

  1. In general, I have used mastubators before like the “flashligh”, is the handy another level or should I keep expextations low to not be disapointed?

Similar texture intensity but the Handy is not one size fits all and has the ability to adjust pressure to your preferred fit; either via tightening the strap or exchanging the sleeve for another. Fleshlights also only come in one hardness while even official Handy sleeves come in a variety. The texture of most sleeves aren’t nearly as skinlike as Fleshlights.

the slight addition I would make to this is that when you do subscribe to the scripts at SLR you get 3 free script downloads per month, which is about the same price, or even a slight savings, on buying those 3 scripts (prices range from about $2 to $5 mostly). This also gives you the option of testing out scripts in streaming mode before deciding to buy. Like you, I prefer to have my files offline as they just run in higher resolution, but it’s a useful option to have for browsing, especially if it’s not costing you any extra.

Awesome! Thanks so much for this detailed help!!
I just purchased the Handy from “Orion”, as it has fast delivery to somebody in Germany. Excited!

About the hands-free, I already have a tripod, maybe that helps, can you link me on the currently most recommended solution, I have seen some kind of attachment device, I can buy off Amazon (preferably Germany) to make this even better?

That’s a lot of good questions but I’ll focus on “offline” script use. I’m guessing you want to use your setup with scripts totally offline, without an internet connection? This is currently possible with the Handy but disappointing. If you’re just wanting to have your vids/scripts downloaded to avoid subscription fees you may still want to read on to see why that may not work. Forgive the long explanation but it’s important to understand the options. There are 2 ways to get a script to play on the Handy, Bluetooth and WiFi. Bluetooth performance is very poor compared to WiFi but it is the only current way, that I know, to play a script with no internet connection. To use the WiFi option to play a script from your computer it must be loaded to the Handy servers and then sent back to your Handy, requiring an internet connection (this is usually handled by the player software and transparent). My understanding is that Handy doesn’t intend to make WiFi use without internet an option.

This leads to another of your questions, aquisition of scripts for your videos. The makers of the Handy have recently begun to write scripts for the online sites and that includes an available Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme. The DRM works by using a token script which calls the real script from the Handy server and is then sent to your Handy. These token scripts can then be set to expire when your subscription ends or is cancelled. According to Handy, DRM is an option that can be selected by each site but I can’t imagine the sites not adopting it. Note that I’m talking about scripts that are being supplied on subscription video sites and NOT scripts available on EroScripts, at least not currently. I mention this because you may not be able to get a subscription to a service and just download all the available matching scripts because, if the service has implemented DRM, your scripts will quit working when your sub expires. Again, this is something new and is optional for the sites to implement. There is more information available on the Handy website under their company and blog tabs and in the developer section.

I’m not an expert in this field but this is what I’ve found through my research. If anybody has a way around using the internet in loading scripts via WiFi I’d love to hear it.

I am not 100% sure if I understand.

When I say, I want to use it offline, I don’t actually mean I am not connected to the internet. I always am, after all, it is my regular desktop PC.
So, if I have the video file and the funscript offline, even if I have to send the data to the Handy server, that is no concern.
That does work, as long as I have the files, right?

In fact, I used the last 2 hours going through the Google Doc, downloading and properly tagging all the free scripts of videos I have saved locally, it is around 50, so I hope those will work once I get my device in a few days.
Excited for that!

Just wonder how to figure out the mounting question. Thanks for all the input!!

You should be good with scripts downloaded from here and any that you’ve gotten in the past. Just know that these “token” scripts are coming. I’ve never seen one but you should be able to tell them quickly by opening them in a text editor and I suspect they will also be smaller since they do not contain all the script information.

To address the mounting issue, this is a complicated one. I suggest joining the discord where you’ll find a lot of DIY information on “hands free” mounts. The official mount from Handy won’t be available until next year according to their most recent newsletter.

I just decided on a simple enough tablet holder plus some metal clamps.
All set now, thanks to your and previous posters help! :slight_smile:

ScriptPlayer has local script hosting support for the Handy.

I am looking at Heresphere, I am using Steam and Steam VR since I have the Index headset - and it sound like an impressive software in general.
But before I buy it I need to make sure: Does the Steam version have the funscript (offline) support? I THINK so, but I am not quite sure, and a post on this website from a while back mentions the Quest version having it, probably Steam being updated, but I am not sure if it has since.
I hope so!

You can try the demo first, it has the same features and it’s free. You mainly use it offline (with downloaded videos and scripts).

So the Steam version does have script support too?

I believe so:

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Got another quick question…probably a very stupid one. Anyway.

When using the Handy and watching some videos with funscripts…can you like, feel a differnece bewteen like blowjob scenes and sex scenes and stuff like that?
I am probably crazy for even considering this, after all, I assume the device is just moving up and down and that would be some next level shit xd
But maybe there is a suction that can be turned off and on… yeah I think not.

Anyway that was just a random question I had (still waiting for my order)!

Not a dumb question. Technically a stroke is a stroke and it would provide the same sensations regardless of what you are watching. The thing is our minds take what we are seeing and makes a connection with the sensations we are receiving and we often perceive the that feeling is matching the action. The more immersive you can be the better the experience.

I’m really stoned right now and it feels like it has taken me 3 hours to write this so sorry if it doesn’t make any sense.

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Haha that’s fine, I understand!

I am just so excited to recieve my Handy soon!
Thanks for the help!

A new day, a new question xd
Tomorrow, my Handy will be delivered! Yay! I don’t wanna run into technical troubles and just…enjoy…so, I wanna clear this up.

I think I already know what to do actually for VR videos, I got the HereSphere app on Steam and I think I can enter some sort of token from the Handy there once connected.

I am actually wondering about 2D playback. I browsed this site and got some scripts for amazing 2D videos.
I already downloaded the “Handyverse” app, so maybe it is all more straight forward then I think.

Do I not need any specific software for the Handy to sync with playing those back once I am connected? But then, how do I open the funscripts? It has to be through some software. So I am looking for one for 2D playback, for the times I don’t wanna use the VR headset and just watch local 2D videos with the Handy.
Also, when I am connected to the handy via WiFi, is it a problem that my PC is connected with ethernet, so technically they are not the same connection?
Anyway, I hope somebody can clear this up so I can enjoy myself tomorrow xd

The easiest way to play 2D vids is to use Handy Feeling’s Local Video Player. Give it your connection key and connect. Your Handy WiFi and PC ethernet will not interfere with each other. In fact, that is how the Handy is designed to operate unless you are using Bluetooth.