POLL - OSR Toy owners Count and Further Questions - Please vote in this poll if you are an OSR Owner!

Hey guys - just an update:

We’ve been planning official OSR support through SLR

Right now, you guys should now be able to use your OSR (any version) for direct playback for:

@raser1 did his magic and made it all work with his latest JFP update here! → JoyFunPlayer 4.0 - OSR (TCode) Player - #57 by raser1

Hopefully can have something more official/all-in-one in the near future, but for now, this should be great solution to make SLR Interactive work with your OSR device!

Feel free to let us know of any features you guys would love to have integrated on Deovr/SLR app/JFP player

Trying to find out more accurately about how many OSR owners are actually out there nowadays

OSR = Open Stroker Robot → https://www.patreon.com/tempestvr

Please fill out this poll to help further gauge interest and support of OSR on SLR and SLR/DEOVR App

Please feel free to also elaborate on any answers you chose by commenting below if you wish

1 - How did you obtain your OSR device?

(Please select 1 choice)

  • Bought an OSR from a Seller
  • Built their very own OSR
  • Don’t have an OSR but seriously plan to Buy or Build one soon

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2 - In regards to commercially available paid scripts sold individually or by scripts subscription at SexLikeReal Interactive:

(Please select 1 choice only)

  • Have Never Bought a Script at SLR for their OSR, and never plan to
  • Have Never Bought a Script at SLR for their OSR, but maybe will one day
  • Have Only Bought a small handful of Scripts at SLR for their OSR
  • Have Bought Many Scripts at SLR for their OSR

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3 - Which OSR version do you currently have?

(select as many choices that you own)

  • OSR3 (1st gen)
  • OSR2 (2nd gen more compact more popular version)
  • OSR2+ (1st multi axis version and other various add-ons)
  • SR6 (latest 6 Axis version)"

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Also Feel free to participate in this poll if you haven’t yet → POLL - ALL Toy Device Owners Out there - Lets get a Toy Count and find out which is most popular! 14 toys listed

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Not sure how many scripts counts as “many.” I bought like 10 scripts directly from realcumber when he was offering it via discord. Then I bought like 12 more at realsync.us. Finally I bought like 3 on SLR. Now that the realcumber scripts are only available at SLR, I would have purchased at SLR if that were the only option.

I selected the “small handful” option since most were purchased prior to the move over to SLR but would say 25 scripts count as “many scripts”?

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Pertaining to the purchased scripts on SLR I’ve bought them for the Handy. The sync with the handy seems more calibrated to the SLR scripts than it does with the OSR.

I didnt put a number in since I assumed guys would better know to themselves what they felt was a little or alot of scripts to them

But if it helps, I would say anything under 10 scripts would be a ‘handful’ , any more than 10 being ‘many’

I am also mainly referring to directly on SLR purchases since further player OSR support through SLR is a goal

That helps to know too - Are you referring to depths or timing?

There are way more Handy toys (and Keons/Launchs) in the wild, hence why we moreso need to focus on best playback on whats moreso out there

If there are more OSRs than we think there are and guys looking to get connected to our scripts, then for sure we can further finetune script experiences specifically for OSR devices

A bit of both, the difference being the mechanics of the two. The arcing motion of the OSR arm compared to the corkscrew up and down mechanism of the Handy is noticeable to me. The SR6 works fine but the OSR feels a bit off and the strokes need to be compensated. So I’d say a bit of both if the depth and timing were a bit deeper but still matched the pacing of the video it would feel more in sync. It could just be me, asking around might help.

I think maybe some settings can be tweaked for better proper experience for your OSR @BRomes

How are you playing your OSR scripts? JoyFunPlayer or other?

Assuming you are using JFP:

Have you tried switching between Linear and Cubic or Cosine modes while script is playing?

What range settings do you use your OSR at? 0-100? 20-100? 0-70?

Linear should give you very similar to Handys playback - but also depending on your firmware version, the Handys playback algorithm may also have different effects for you too

I have SLR Premium and an OSR2+. I have bought a few funscripts from SLR. I am interested in buying the script option once it is available for existing premium subscribers at SLR. My biggest question is that if I buy the script option at SLR, will I be able to download them so I can use them? I simply cannot get the OSR2+ to work with the SLR app or DEOVR on SLR. I have to download the scripts and videos to my local machine and use ALVR with DEOVR and XTPlayer to get it all to work. I would love to not have to download the videos and scripts but that is the only way I can make it work. I don’t want to buy the premium scripts at SLR if I can’t download them or can’t stream them and get them to work with my OSR2+. Thoughts?

This is what this poll (and the other one about toy ownership) is about. The premium script pack can only be streamed using the app (except for 3 downloads a month) so an OSR user can’t get the full benefit. Realcumber is trying to find out if its worth it for SLR to add OSR support. Prior to the polls they assumed there weren’t enough interested users to justify the expense. I really hope these polls show there are enough OSR users for them to decide to add support.

definitely interested. I would buy the premium script pack if there was streaming support for the osr… thanks!

Thanks so far for those who have answered the poll questions - so far my assumptions are correct in that there are much less OSR owners out there than one would think

Here are stats I’m seeing so far:

about 62% of 77 voters = ~48 people have OSRs on this forum

of those 48
= 47% (23 people) have never bought a single script at SLR
= 53% (25 people) have bought scripts at SLR for their OSR
= 24% (16 people) never plan to buy scripts regardless of support

Maybe its still early and hopefully more guys can still see and answer this poll (all votes are anonymous fyi)

Can we maybe get this post stickied for a month or 2 @hugecat ? All good if not of course

I don’t know where I fit in this poll.

I have a handy and I’m in the process of building an OSR2+ (on the patreon, parts ordered, and I have several 3d printers) and I’ll probably build an SR6 after.

I haven’t purchased any scripts from SLR - but that’s only because they came out with the script premium before I got my handy and I’m already a member (with a discount code, so I’m not going to just cancel and resub) so I can’t add on the script subscription but I also think it’d be a waste of money to purchase singular scripts when I’d much prefer the subscription.

So I’m in a kind of limbo in all aspects of your poll.

Pretty sure OSR owner are not checking eroscripts forum daily (like me who only check it maybe once or twice per month).
As you can see on Tempest Discrod, there are not that many people active even they are around.

I think you’re mistaken commercially and more importantly strategically for the futur of your business.

  • 20% of all connected toys are OSR and growing rapidely since you can buy one now.
  • This is the third most used toy out there.
  • It is vastly superior to anything else and improving
  • Razer already did most of the work to implement it. Is there a royalty issue there I don’t get it ?

OSR is cutting edge. I’m not interested to buy scripts for ever, I did support it believing that OSR support would come soon but apparently you just don’t want that for a reason I just can’t understand.

Facts : my annual subscription will expire soon. I think that I won’t renew it and download videos on Mega and scripts from community.

One lost customer …

Good thing he put a lot of sneaky affiliate links in both polls, I’m sure it will be worth at least his time.

Hi guys - Just to be clear, I’m all for OSR support through SLR and I will continue to push for it like I have done for many things that are now working great at SLR so please dont think otherwise

It will be a matter of time I’m sure, but my goal of this post was to help get SLR’s attention to speed up that development and ensure it direct OSR official support by seeing actual votes and number of users interested/out there, rather than just guessing.
So please dont hesitate if you are an OSR owner to vote in this poll and be more vocal if you want faster support as I have linked this poll to them so they are aware

@Bobdole - you would just fill out:

Q 1 - choose “Don’t have an OSR but seriously plan to Buy or Build one soon” - Since you are in process of building but dont have one technically yet

Q 2 - choose “Have Never Bought a Script at SLR for their OSR, but maybe will one day” - Since you havent bought any scripts at SLR before but maybe will one day assuming with scripts sub (scripts sub only came out this month, but scripts have been available to purchase for over a year or so now)

I hope many also dont think its a waste of money to purchase singular scripts, even with scripts sub, as there are still different use cases, and we rely on those just as much if not more than scripts subs sales, but I know what you are trying to say

Q3 - you would just not fill in since u dont have an OSR yet

Yes for sure - thats why I appreciate your guys comments on keeping this thread active if we cant get this stickied for a little longer
I’m open to other ways to help find out how many toy owners out there of course, but ES seems like the best bet

Its very possible Im mistaken of course - hence why I made these polls to hopefully be proven otherwise

I very much believe and agree OSR is the best and for sure cutting edge - I have basically every toy to date, but theres reasons why I still reach for other toys over the OSR, but its the toy I definitely go for when I want that fully immersive mindblowing session without a doubt, but its technically not even a commercially available product still
I only know @M0SAIC has a site that sells them prebuilt but how many actually sold/out there is the question and hence the reason for the poll

I do know that OSR owners are a bit different than the rest in that it attracts and interests the Do-It-Yourself type individual, and those individuals usually tend to not prefer to rely on others (hence the term DIY) whether it be toy parts or scripted content

Of course thats a generalization but maybe it moreso explains why about half of OSR owners (in this poll) haven’t to date still bought a script at SLR to date?

Of course that could be maybe all toy users here on the forums in general, not just OSR, but I was moreso hoping we would see higher votes/comments to help encourage SLR to expedite support for OSR in this thread, and hopefully that can continue

I appreciate your supporting our scripts believing that that OSR official support would come soon, sincerely thank you for that

But sorry I dont think I follow? - I dont think I excluded that option/reason you are referring to:
If you bought scripts ‘believing that OSR support would come soon’,
then I would have hoped you or others similar would have picked the “Have Bought Many (or handful) Scripts at SLR for their OSR” option - since you purchased scripts particularly for your OSR which are fully usable like all scripts here can be on your OSR (just not yet the scripts sub option that just released)

Please let me know if I misunderstood what you meant to say otherwise or if I should have reworded the poll any differently?

Really sorry to potentially lose you as a customer, but hope we can come together again and help make things more beneficial to you, and as many supportive customers like yourself, sooner than later :crossed_fingers:

@Realcumber if I were to fill it out that way I feel it would inaccurately portray me and my interests.

It would not capture that for a tech enthusiast with discretionary income it can be very quick to go from handy to OSR2 (in fact it is less time than SLR can implement add-ons to current subscribers it would seem). That’s not even mentioning that I have servos for the SR6 on the way from china to build next month.

It would not capture the fact that I have zero interest in paying for individual scripts (especially that I have no way of previewing) but would pay for a membership with unlimited scripts - or that the reason they don’t have my money regarding scripts yet is because I am unable to add that on at this point in time.

@Bobdole - question 2 = “In regards to commercially available paid scripts sold individually or by scripts subscription” - actually refers to both buying scripts either individiually or indirectly through scripts subscription

So I believe it would still be accurate for you to choose “Have Never Bought a Script at SLR for their OSR, but maybe will one day” - that ‘one day’ being able to be get the addon eventually, and when your OSR2 is fully built and ready

Either way, dont worry about it too much as its just a poll, more voters will help give a better general idea
I appreciate your helpful comments on your line of thinking and what would be helpful in cases like yours

I’m sure the numbers responding here are going to be somewhat limited for OSR/SR6. However, there are almost 600 patreon subscribers to Tempest’s design site and there are ~1000 Discord accounts on the Tempest OSR/SR6 server. I’m not sure how that “interest” compares to the other stroker products, but I thought I would throw those numbers out there if it helps prioritize development efforts for SLR.

If 50% of the OSR/SR6’s buy a handful or many scripts from SLR, then the OSR/SR6 community might be around 300-500 current & future customers (based on the poll #'s at the time of this post, 27% bought many & 24% bought a small amount).

Just my opinion & everbody’s got one.

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Hello everyone,

Just gonna throw my numbers out there.

Safe to say about 1000 at this point I would think.

I am approaching about 200 sold in different iterations

Remember the 1% rule. Lets say we cut that number in half and only multiply our current results (number of people who voted) by 50.

That would give us about 2000 in the wild. I know this is likely high and the 1000 is much closer however. just going off of the tempest server numbers more than anything.


I’m not sure how to answer this poll for myself, lol.

Add to your number that the original OSR2 (beta1) has been downloaded from thingiverse 152 times in the last 2 months.