POLL - ALL Toy Device Owners Out there - Lets get a Toy Count and find out which is most popular! 14 toys listed

Lets find out how many toys are out there on this forum and which seems to be most popular today

I’ve listed 14 options of synchronizable toys that I am aware of that are significant enough - let me know if I’m missing anything and choose ‘OTHER’ other in that case

Please select as many toys you currently own and have not yet thrown away:

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Also Feel free to participate in this poll if you haven’t yet specifically about the OSR → POLL - OSR Toy owners Count and Further Questions - Please vote in this poll if you are an OSR Owner!


Thanks for everyone who has participated in this poll so far - interesting but mostly expected distributions of ownership, but still early to tell

Just bumping this post to see if we can get some more participation for better accuracy

Can we maybe get this post stickied for a month or 2 @hugecat ? All good if not of course

k pinned till end of august

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Any owners of the Rubjoy?

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You know, for some reason I thought the RobotSexMachine would have more then a sub 1% of users here. Being where we are today, I wish i bought the first version and not the 2nd. Seen there was another design under a new company. @stillscripting mentioned it. www.rubjoy.com. Looks newish but no tech updates from the original robotsexmachine. A shame. Also, taking it apart, the price is atrocious. Just 2 AC servos glued together and a overpowered circuit board for the application.
Im a little salty after taking it apart and seeing it. Hindsight 20/20.

My rant is over now, no offense meant to anyone who may have taken any, I still go back to it every now and again because the rolling effect is very unique when its focused on.

Nice find @stillscripting - first I’ve heard of the Rubjoy toy - looks very similar to the original RobotSexMachine

For those who chose the “OTHER personally Custom Built Toy or not listed” option - Please feel free to comment if you found something unique as well as Im curious to know what other toys are out there we may not be aware of

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Interesting results. I picked up a Max2 last week and it has actually caused me to put the Handy aside for a rest. My first experience with Max2 was disappointing, but once I learned how to use it just right, it definitely became a favorite. I picked it up for $100 and it’s well worth that. Completely different than Handy. I hope to write a more in depth review soon. PM for any specific questions

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Yeah, some toys need to be used a couple times to get accustomed to it a bit more
Theres something unique and beneficial about ‘massager’ type toys, which can still feel very immersive, and they definitely extend the experience to able to be enjoyed for much longer

Were you able to use the contraction/pressue settings well with your Max2 @soloslide ?

There’s better playback support for Lovense incoming on SLR interactive where you can set it yourself on the fly through the app that should be really nice to use soon

LOL deffo keeps you on the brink. 2 hours later. the max 2

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I once spotted someone uploaded a design for a launch mount adaptor to thingiverse that would take a max2 (i think 2 anyway) and the idea has intrigued me since, although not enough to buy a max2 just to try it. I imagine they would want different but synchronised scripts to give a good experience and i’m not sure how that would work. Interested to read more about the max2 though.

@andyb08 - not sure if you are joking or what. My experience with Max2 has been that once you have the suction just right and start “stroking” with it , that it’s hard to not explode

cucumber - At first I was disappointed with the contractions, but now that I understand how they work, I rather enjoy them. There isn’t a huge difference between level 1 and level 3, but it feels wonderful to start level 1 and feel it squeeze you. I feel like if there was a toy that could simulate that same feeling over and over it would be great. What I do with max2 is let it contract for awhile and then shut it off to let all pressure out and then start it again later. After all this talk, I’m ready to go for a session

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I tend you use the max 2 to to feel the motion in the scene and tend to have the intensity canny low 4 to 6 on script player. I tend to feel alot more of a 3d motion effect when you dont have nothing sitting on top of the device i.e i just let it sit there on top of me and wrap around the quilt to keep it standing and let it do its thing way better motion effect. love it haha oh and moving the device stops that effect.

Rub joy updates?

I am using the hotoctopuss pulse, its surprisingly good.

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I very much agree @wez0421 - I believe it came out after this poll was created otherwise for sure I would have listed it

The Pulse has some crazy sensations I’ve never felt before, and amazingly sessions can be as long as your battery can last and you can cum without lube wonderfully

@Realcumber Hello Sir! Your script + Pulse has really made it addictive. So I have you to Thank/Blame.

And ya, using the Pulse is just so easy too. I 've owned the Launch and the Handy.
The Handy was a huge improvement from launch but all the fleshlight related work was still annoying.

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I’ll happily take both the thanks and blame lol @wez0421 !

Yeah, I’m definitely happy I have the Pulse too - super effortless yet really nice relaxing stimulation :ok_hand:

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