Potential of Scripting With Pearl2

Hello, I know the Pearl2 and similar devices have sensors on them with an ability to control the Keon (and maybe TheHandy?)

Theoretically would it be possible to take one of those devices and essentially “match” the movements in a video and the “movement data” could stream into some sort of Funscript generator and make a successful Funscript?

It seems like a potentially huge time saver and an easily accessible way of scripting even a total monkey could do. There is certainly the whole “crankin off a robo dildo in unison with movements of a video… to make a script to then get cranked off by another robot” element of the whole thing that is kind of unfortunate.

Anyways, I don’t know anything about scripting so let me know if this an awful idea or not. How hard would it be to make something like this? This could literally just be a site you connect the Pearl2 and make it and then download a script, right?

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Sorry to bother any of you, but you’re all Scriptlords

What say you on this?

I’m not familiar with Pearl2 but what you’re describing sounds like motion tracking. This is already a feature in the latest funscript software like OpenFunscripter. It’s a big time saver for sure but not fully automatic. The best scripts will still need some manual adjustment afterwards.

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Actually, since I’ve been dealing with these interactive toys, I had the opinion that scripts should be generated during the production of the video. This could be done with a Pearl2 or a similar toy, for example. The technology of the Perl2 could certainly also be built into a Tommy torso. In the meantime, however, I am no longer convinced that good scripts were the result of this, because a script often cannot exactly reproduce all touches one to one, something there has to be tricked.
So these automatically generated scripts would also have to be checked and processed point by point, as is also the case with the motion tracking method, which does not significantly speed up script creation, if you are a perfectionist and want the script to be as exact as possible.

As I understand you, your idea is that the scripters could use a Pearl2 instead of the keyboard. I don’t think that would make it much easier than with a VR controller, which is already possible and some are doing it.

I presumed that may be the case due to scripting being more of an art form. Figured it could maybe give a solid base level script and then fine tune, which I guess motion tracking does? Again, no idea about scripting

Also, what is a VR controller? Is that with the game controller? I’m honestly trying to get into scripting, I’m so confused and impatient though.

The Pearl2 is a dildo with sensors in it

My idea, as crude as it’s going to sound

Basically zooming in on the penis/dildo in the shot while holding the Pearl2 or similar device, and then stroking the Pearl2 in unison with the action on screen. My other idea would be to potentially slowdown the scene making it easier to go in unison, then speed matching it back.

This is the part I’m incredibly unsure of, but I presume there’s data that the Pearl2 would emit which controls a Keon. So could that data just get turned into a script? Scripting without the need for coding or honestly even having any sort of understanding of computers. I guess more a simple analog manual way of doing it. More something anyone could jump right into doing, if they had the gumption to stroke a Pearl2 dildo for a few hours and watch slow mo porn that is.

VR controller Oculus Quest:

JFS has the option to script with them, i don’t know if this also is possible with OFS.

That sounds more like on-the-fly scripting which is also possible in OpenFunscripter. It can be done with many game controllers, unfortunately it’s the most inaccurate method. A good balance between speed and accuracy is to use a combination of frame by frame and motion tracking. Check out How to script in OpenFunScripter - video tutorial.

Ah okay, appreciate the replies!

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