Quest 2 + Local (No network) playback on intel UHD

I’ve been using Whirligig to play VR videos in 2d for a while and just got a Quest 2.

On my desktop I can use QuestLink + Whirligig to play local video and scripts with the handy connected via wifi or bluetooth. My laptop has Intel integrated graphics and can connect to QuestLink.

Is there some way to play local video + scripts, with the handy only in bluetooth mode, from the under-powered laptop or on the Quest 2 directly? I’ll be using it in an environment with no internet/wifi network.


The two options i think works best for your case are:

First put your self in developer for oculus ada fruit info on how

Once you enable that you can then sideload a few apps:

Heresphere (there is a free demo that might have a 15 second popup occasionally) it has a native bluetooth. Heresphere Link

SLR has a native package called HapticsConnect you can sideload. SLR Download This can run in tandem of DeoVR to run stored videos on the oculus


I couldn’t find confirmation that heresphere can connect to the Handy via bluetooth. I’ve tried it but couldn’t get it to connect. The patch notes say a permission prompt should appear when attempting to search for bluetooth devices but I don’t see that. Have you see this work before?

Also, from what I can see the hapticsconnect app doesn’t connect to handy via bluetooth, but with the key/wifi connection.

Another option is to turn the under-powered laptop into a wifi hotspot with no upstream internet.

Then you can have the Quest 2 connect to your laptop’s wifi and serve content from the laptop to the headset using something like a network share or XBVR.

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This will show how to use heresphere,

In the bottom by the play menu there should be symbol all the way to the right that should ask connect by bluetooth there is a guide from @Husky

I run this way actually and wasn’t sure if plabplabplab01 wanted to run a wifi adapter on a computer which can run a wifi hotspot that only allow certain devices connected to my computer. I set up with a hotspot running off an adapter to be able to cast that you can hide.

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Per this thread bluetooth support is not here for the Handy. HereSphere VR Video Player for Quest 2 has native script support for the Handy - #371 by TedBaxter

My work around was to play the video on the Quest 2 and laptop with wirligig+scriptplayer, and just sync them. Its a pain but it does work. I haven’t found another solution that works yet.

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